Ethics and Compliance

At ChildServe, we find it incredibly important to live our values of care, trust, integrity, partnership, and excellence on a daily basis. Doing things the right way is never a burden; it is the only way in which we will operate.  It is also the way in which we guarantee that we will always live up to the tremendous public trust that we have been granted – the privilege to work with, enhance and shape the lives of children. To learn more about our thoughts and actions regarding ethics and compliance at ChildServe, please view our Compliance Handbook.

ChildServe's 7 Principles of Compliance

ChildServe has adopted the following principles as a checklist against which our compliance efforts can be measured.  We view these principles as minimum standards – we can and do exceed them in many areas – but they provide a valuable external resource for evaluating and improving our organization.

Judges Hammer icon for Legal and Regulatory

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

“ChildServe will comply with all applicable federal laws and regulations, as well as applicable laws and regulations of the states and the local jurisdictions in which it is based or operates.”

Line Graph Growing Upwards for Risk Management

Risk Management

“ChildServe’s board will ensure that the organization has adequate plans to protect its assets—its property, financial and human resources, programmatic content and material, and its integrity and reputation—against damage or loss. The board will review regularly the organization’s need for general liability and directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, as well as take other actions necessary to mitigate risk.”

Whistle icons for the Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblower Policies

“ChildServe will establish and implement policies and procedures that enable individuals to come forward with information on illegal practices or violations of organizational policies. This ‘whistleblower’ policy will specify that the organization will not retaliate against, and will protect the confidentiality of, individuals who make good faith reports.”

Three Layers stacked on top of each other slowy fading away for Transparency


“ChildServe will make information about its operations, including its governance, finances, programs and activities, widely available to the public. ChildServe also will consider making information available on the methods we use to evaluate the outcomes of our work and sharing the results of those evaluations.”

Circl and a line icon for Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

“ChildServe will have a formally adopted, written code of ethics with which all of its directors and trustees, staff and volunteers are familiar and to which they adhere.”

Four arrows pointing in at each other for Conflict Icon

Conflict of Interest

“ChildServe will adopt and implement policies and procedures to ensure that all conflicts of interest, or the appearance thereof, within the organization and the board are appropriately managed through disclosure, recusal or other means.”

Rounded rectangle with lines for Document Retention Icon

Document Retention & Preservation

“ChildServe will establish and implement policies and procedures to help protect and preserve the organization’s important documents and business records.”