What We Believe

ChildServe staff interacting with children

Working with children with special health care needs and their families since 1928 has given ChildServe a unique understanding of the power of possibilities. What we have witnessed over the years is that no matter how steep the challenge, the children at ChildServe are incredibly resilient. They do not dwell on what they can’t do – but revel in what they can. It is this same philosophy and spirit that guides the staff of ChildServe in our ongoing quest to improve the quality of life for each child.

Our Mission:

We partner with families to help children with special health care needs live a great life.

Our Vision:

ChildServe will be uniquely positioned in Iowa to improve the health and well-being of children with special health care needs.


Our Values:

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The value of care and caring is embedded in ChildServe’s organizational culture. Our reason for being is to provide the care that enables children to live a great life. The staff is made up of caring individuals desiring to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. The supporting community cares about the mission and partners with ChildServe through volunteerism and acts of charity and financial support.

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The value of integrity guides each staff person as well as the organization. Each staff person promotes integrity by ensuring all relationships and activities are honest, respectful, and ethical. Integrity requires that we are effective stewards of the organizational resources; demonstrate compliance with all regulatory standards and organizational requirements; and ensure that our organizational actions are aligned with the mission.

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Trust is a key ingredient in all of the relationships within the organization. Trust is the key to establishing partnerships with families, in providing care to each child, in the commitments we make to each other as staff and board members, and in the commitments that ChildServe makes to families, staff and the supporting community. Trust enables ChildServe to successfully implement the mission and achieve the agreed upon outcomes and results.

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Partnerships are essential to the work of ChildServe. No one can achieve the mission of ChildServe alone. Partnerships with the family enable us to help each child to live a great life. Partnerships with staff ensure that we provide great care while exercising effective stewardship of resources. Partnerships with the community ensure that we are responsive to community needs and accountable to regulators, payers and supporters. We strive to build partnerships based upon collaboration, mutuality, trust, integrity and caring.

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The pursuit of Excellence is not a destination, it's a journey that we take with children and families. To pursue excellence, we must continually learn and improve as an organization and as individuals – acknowledging and celebrating but never resting on past achievements. Excellence means understanding the needs of children and families and responding with innovative ideas, practical solutions, and a focus on results. By setting realistic expectations, then consistently meeting and exceeding them, we continue the journey.