Alex’s Story

Polaroid picture of Alex.

Making Friends and Learning New Skills

When Alex first came to ChildServe, several everyday things were hard for him. Talking to and playing games with friends, sitting at the dining table, listening to a book, and eating were challenging. But with the help of many skilled and dedicated therapists, Alex has begun to overcome many obstacles and learn many new things.

Alex has learned to write his name and work through some of his sensory needs so he can sit and attend activities. He has also started to form friendships with two other boys his age, and he can now listen to a story, answer questions about a book, and engage in conversations with peers.

“Alex is a great kid, and a great example of success through therapy,” says Elyse Donhowe, a Speech-Language Pathologist at ChildServe. “His infectious smile and happy demeanor motivates all of us who work with him, which in turn helps us help him.”