Cayden's Story

Polaroid picture of Cayden.

A determined spirit

From the moment he was admitted to the Transitional Care Unit soon after it opened, Cayden’s bright blue eyes melted the heart of everyone at ChildServe.

At first, he couldn’t move very much. It was only a few weeks after the horrible car accident that claimed the life of his mother and very nearly his own. After being stabilized at the hospital, Cayden was non-responsive, unable to eat, speak, or interact. Because of the severity of his injuries, his expected chance of recovery was grim. When he came to ChildServe, the majority of Cayden’s two-year-old body was supported by casts and medical equipment. But already, he had learned how to smile again.

In the next six months, Cayden’s spirit shone through as he soldiered through physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and medical treatments every day. But the milestones came quickly, and soon he said “Papa,” his name for his grandfather, who was his constant companion. Then he began to stand with assistance, and finally take steps on his own. He celebrated his third birthday with his family and nearly 50 ChildServe staff members in the cafeteria. One week before his discharge, he walked into the cafeteria for the first time, and staff clapped and cheered him on, some with tears in their eyes. Through the love of his family, dedication of staff, and determination of his spirit, Cayden was able to go home with his grandparents in February. He continues to work hard at his recovery through our outpatient therapy program.