Colt’s Story

Polaroid picture of Colt.

Horse Therapy Program Produces Great Results

When Colt first came to ChildServe, he struggled with a lot of things. He didn’t talk much, couldn’t organize his body, had difficulties planning motor movements and was very weak throughout his body.

Now Colt is writing his name, cutting out shapes, getting dressed almost independently and is able to better organize his body after using a pressure vest and doing some therapeutic listening.

Colt also spends some Monday mornings at Jester Park riding horses as part of his therapy. The horseback riding has increased his core strength, motor planning, range of motion, and sensory integration. Colt has made the most progress in therapy by riding horses.

“When he began riding, he could hardly hold his little body on the horse,” says Abbie Green, his physical therapist. “Now he is getting the horse ready, getting onto the horse, riding the horse (with a helper for safety), and cleaning up the horse. And he is doing all of these things with very little help!” Abbie remembers the first day that she saw Colt for therapy in the gym. He was so afraid of having his feet off the ground that he screamed at the top of his lungs when she tried to put him on the bolster swing. “On that day, I never would have imagined he would be riding a horse almost independently.”