Davis’ Story

Polaroid picture of Davis.

Mastering Motor Skills

Davis is four years old and has been making great strides in Physical Therapy over the last 18 months he has been coming to ChildServe. He has worked at reaching several goals, and has made outstanding progress with walking stairs, ramps, and other uneven and challenging surfaces; learned to independently ride a tricycle; and has improved his balance and can walk by himself across a beam. He even jumped on his own for the very first time this week!

“Davis is very motivated and always works hard throughout sessions,” says Amie Hanson, PT, DPT. “Increasing his independence has helped him become his own person, and he has learned functional skills that will help him interact with his peers when he goes to pre-school this fall.”

Davis has made such fantastic progress with his motor skills that he will be able to spend more time out of therapy. He is equipped with smiles and a “Hi!” for anyone in his path, so let him know how great he is doing if you see him around!