Elliott and Amellia’s Story

Polaroid picture of Elliot and Amellia

Siblings Work Toward Different Goals Under One Roof

When Amellia was two years old, her mom noticed she wasn’t developing at the same pace as other kids her age. She had practically no vocabulary, didn’t make eye contact, and couldn’t point her finger. After consultation with a pediatric psychiatrist, Amellia was referred to ChildServe, where she has spent the last three years involved in speech and occupational therapies and the feeding and swallowing clinic. Amellia experienced such great success that when her younger brother, Elliott, started displaying signs of delayed speech development, their mom knew to bring him to ChildServe, too.

Thanks to their hard work in therapy, Elliott, 4, and Amellia, 5, are now able communicate easily with their peers. Recently, Elliott returned to his mom after speech therapy with a picture he drew for her. His mom was nearly brought her to tears as Elliott told her about every item in the drawing and what colors were used. The detailed description was something she never imagined he’d be able to do!