Jack's Story

Polaroid picture of Jack

Finding a Family at ChildServe

Jack, 4, receives speech, occupational, and physical therapy at ChildServe. His road to ChildServe has been a winding one as he followed his dad, an Army Black Hawk helicopter pilot, to assignments throughout the South and Midwest.

For more than three years, Jack has received a variety of therapies from many different therapists at different locations, but no organization has met his needs quite like ChildServe.

"ChildServe has been very easy for us because it really is a one-stop-shop," Mollie, Jack's mom, said. "ChildServe takes care of the whole family, not just Jack."

Jack's dad, John, recently returned from his fourth overseas deployment and is currently stationed in Kansas. Jack, along with his mom and big sister, Emma, decided to stay in Central Iowa because the quality of care and nurturing atmosphere they found at ChildServe is unmatched.

"I was nervous transitioning back into the civilian world and wondered if our family would be able to make the right connections," Mollie said. "The ChildServe team has really embraced us and become like family. Everyone we have worked with has been welcoming and connected us to so many community resources. Every single person has been fabulous!"