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ChildServe Case Management provides and promotes comprehensive, family-centered services and supports for children and young adults with disabilities living at home or insurrounding communities of Des Moines and Polk County. ChildServe's certified case managers provide advocacy for individuals and are knowledgeable about many services and funding options for kids and families. The Case Manager serves as the primary contact for all service coordination activities.

Specific areas of focus within the Case Management service include:
  • Assessing service needs and assisting children and their families access needed services
  • Developing an individualized service plan with a care team for each individual that focuses on the individual’s strengths, interests, abilities and competencies
  • Monitoring and evaluating services being provided
  • Facilitating problem solving and crisis intervention
  • Assisting individuals and their families to make decisions about what’s best for them
  • Assisting individuals and their families in exercising their rights

Frequently Asked Case Management Questions

Who is eligible to receive Case Management?

Case management is offered through ChildServe for individuals from birth to 22 years of age, or until they transition to adult services. The individual must qualify for the Intellectual Disability (ID), or the Brain Injury (BI) Medicaid Waiver to receive case management.

How are referrals made?

Referrals can be made by a number of interested parties, including parents/guardians or members of the individual’s care team. Referrals can be made to the Case Management Team Leader Manager who will then send out an initial application for community services.

How are services authorized and funded?

Case management is funded through Medicaid. The individual must have a need for and remain eligible for the waiver in order to qualify for case management.

Where are services provided?

Case management is provided to the child and family within their community or home.

When are services provided?

Case managers will have contact on behalf of each individual they work with at least once a month. This may include phone calls with the individual, family member or provider. The individual needs to be seen at least quarterly and more often if the individual or family requests more frequent contact. The individual needs to be seen in a variety of settings which may include home, school, or community.

Are there any other requirements for enrollment?

ChildServe enrolls individuals who live in Polk County only. We would not enroll anyone new into case management who is over 18 years of age.

I'm interested in enrolling. What happens next?

Once you have determined you are interested in case management with ChildServe, you can follow through with our case management action plan. First contact the Case Management Team Leader and let your DHS Income Maintenance worker know you have chosen ChildServe. Then the Team Leader will send you out our application and request the needed documentation of your child’s disability that the waiver and case management will need. Once you are eligible for either the ID or BI waiver and you have completed the Application, you will be assigned a case manager who will meet with you to complete the assessment and service plan for your child.

Once my child starts services, how do I stay enrolled?

As long as your child has a need for waiver services and remains eligible for either the ID or BI waiver, you can receive case management services. Your case manager must be able to monitor your child’s services so will need to contact you regularly and see your child at least quarterly. Case management is a voluntary service and if your child is no longer in need of waiver services, you may discontinue waiver and case management at any time. If your child moves out of Polk County, we will assist you in transferring your services to another county. When your child is ready to transition to adult services, typically around a year after high school graduation, we will assist you in transferring your case management to an adult agency.


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