Brain Injury Program

Pediatric Brain Injury Rehabilitation at ChildServe

ChildServe’s CARF-accredited pediatric brain injury program includes comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient therapy services for children and teens with brain injuries. We care for children who are recovering from acquired brain injuries such as a trauma, stroke or illness in Des Moines and Central Iowa.

Our multidisciplinary team helps children who have suffered from brain injuries through individualized care plans that maximize a child’s ability to rehabilitate, re-learn skills, and return to their homes and communities.

Who We Serve

ChildServe’s brain injury program is designed specifically for children and adolescents. We provide an intensive medical, nursing, and rehabilitation program in a child-focused, family-centered environment. We accept children and teens with mild to severe brain injuries, including patients who depend on ventilators, patients with tracheostomies, and children who require tube feeding.
We treat children and teens ages 0-22 years who have acquired a brain injury due to the following:
  • Brain bleed or bruise (Hematoma/Hemorrhage/Aneurysm)
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain
  • Concussion
  • Infection (Encephalitis/Meningitis)
  • Edema or swelling
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Tumor

Pediatric Experts

At ChildServe, we understand that treating children is different than treating adults, and we have all of the tools, training, and expert staff in place to meet your child's needs. ChildServe is proud to offer the only comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program designed specifically for pediatrics in the state of Iowa. We specialize in pediatric rehabilitation and our medical equipment, therapy gyms, and activity rooms are intentionally designed for children with special health care needs. Therapy sessions occur twice a day, six days a week to ensure children have every opportunity to progress towards increased health and independence. Our nurses are certified in pediatrics and rehabilitation, and our medical director is the only board-certified pediatric physiatrist in the state. ChildServe also holds CARF-accreditations in pediatrics, brain injury, and inpatient rehabilitation.

Multidisciplinary Team Approach

Our CARF-accredited inpatient rehabilitation program maximizes the potential for each child’s successful rehabilitation through a multidisciplinary approach that wraps a team of specialists around each child’s unique medical needs. Physicians and sub-specialists include our medical director, pediatricians, and other experts. Board-certified pediatric physiatrist Fred Klingbeil, MD, treats children in both the inpatient pediatric rehabilitation program and outpatient clinic.

Continuum of Care

ChildServe's Pediatric Brain Injury Program features a continuum of pediatric healthcare and rehabilitation services for children and young adults 0-22 years who have acquired a brain injury.

Family Education and Support

As we help children to develop or recover skills they need in their homes, schools, and communities, family education and engagement is essential. Our team teaches parents and caregivers how to best support their child’s rehabilitation and helps connect families to community resources.

Our Outcomes

ChildServe measures and tracks how our patients are doing at admission, during treatment, and when they return home. This allows us to evaluate our treatments and ensure we are providing high-quality care. To view our current outcomes, click here.


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