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Children and families who come to ChildServe for inpatient rehabilitation can expect to receive great care. ChildServe's Inpatient Rehabilitation Medicine Program is designed to help children recovering from injury or illness transition from hospital to home. Our dedicated, credentialed staff are experienced in working with complex medical issues such as traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, vent dependency, burns, complications of prematurity, and developmental delays.

ChildServe's Inpatient Rehabilitation Medicine Program is located on the 21-bed Stelter-Fisher Transitional Care Unit on the ChildServe campus in Johnston, Iowa. Licensed and certified professionals provide specialty, pediatric care that addresses each child's developmental, medical, and rehabilitative needs in a family-centered, child-focused environment. In addition, through multiple learning opportunities, staff members assist parents with the education and support needed to successfully transition their child home.

At ChildServe, each child and family is supported by a care team that understands the child's needs. A care plan focusing on growth, development, and play-based treatment will be designed to transition the child home.
Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Diagnoses
Conditions we treat include, but are not limited to:
  • Orthopedic (trauma and post-surgery)
  • Wounds/burns
  • Spinal cord injury/trauma
  • Complex respiratory conditions

Specialized Services Available On-Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for admission?

Admission to ChildServe’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Medicine Program is determined by admission committee. This committee includes: medical director, managers, clinical supervisors, access specialist, inpatient administrator, and medical social workers. Each referral is assessed by the team to ensure admission requirements are met as well as to ensure we can meet the needs of the child. The inpatient rehabilitation program must have a room/bed available to admit.A child may meet admission requirements but may not be admitted due to space capacity. ChildServe will not discriminate based on gender, race, color, religion, or national origin and will attempt to accommodate all specific cultural needs or requirements.

ChildServe’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Medicine Program will consider admission for children or young adults who:
  • Have an intensive rehabilitation and/or skilled nursing need
  • Are birth through 21 years of age
  • Are medically stable (i.e. do not require a 1:1 nurse due to frequent changes in medical needs)
  • Have identified a discharge plan/option to home or lower level of care
  • Have a qualified funding source

How are referrals made?

Referrals can be made in a number of ways. The most common referral is made by a discharge planner from an acute hospital setting. Referrals can also be made by physicians, parents/guardians, or the individual’s case manager. Contact ChildServe’s Access Specialist at 515-331-8106 to make a referral.

How are services authorized and funded?

Program costs are authorized and funded through commercial insurance providers and Medicaid. Specific fees will be discussed during the intake/admission process.

Who provides medical management services?

All children/young adults admitted to ChildServe’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Medicine Program will have a primary physician or nurse practitioner that will provide medical management for their stay. Our pediatric rehabilitation medicine physician and nurse practitioner will provide the medical oversight for the child’s rehabilitation.

*Note: Our program will coordinate and arrange transportation for any other services and medical sub-specialties ordered by physician that are not available onsite and that are available in the medical community.

What specialized services are received?

All services are physician ordered. Care team members will complete a comprehensive assessment to determine what services are necessary to improve the health and well-being of the child. The child’s dietary, respiratory and rehabilitation nursing needs are met 24 hours a day. All children receive therapeutic recreation and/or child life services.

How often and when are therapy services provided?

Therapy (OT, PT, ST) frequency will vary and will be based on the child’s needs. Therapy services are provided anytime between the hours of 7:30 am and 6:00 pm 5 days a week. Some therapy services may recommend additional services on the weekends based on medical necessity.

What is a typical length of stay in inpatient rehabilitation?

Length of stay varies by child. A length of stay estimate will be provided by the care team soon after assessments of team members are completed. Every child’s rehabilitation is different and length of stay could be longer or shorter than what was estimated. If the child does not meet any of the criteria for discharge as stated below it is likely the child will be able to continue their stay in the program until discharge criteria is met.

When will I discharge from inpatient rehabilitation?

Consideration for discharge from inpatient rehabilitation will be based on the following criteria:
  • Plan of care (treatment) goals are achieved (including all training and education required of patient and/or family).
  • Child’s therapy needs can be met in outpatient therapy.
  • Progress has plateaued.
  • Child is hospitalized for a length of time that exceeds our ability to hold their bed.
  • The child is in need of inpatient psychological services.
  • Inpatient services are no longer required.
  • There is a lack of funding.
  • Child is older than 21 years.

I’m interested in inpatient rehabilitation services for my child – what do I do next?

You may contact us at 515-331-8106.