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Child life specialists are prepared at the bachelor's and master's levels in Child Life, Child Life Development and other related fields. They are certified by the Child Life Council and are an integral part of the rehabilitation team. Child life specialists use age-appropriate activities to provide support, pain management, and coping education for medical and therapy procedures. They assist children and adolescents with adjustment to hospitalization and injury/diagnosis by promoting coping skills and expression of feelings. They are also available to work with families to facilitate sibling education and coping.

Child Life Specialists at ChildServe:ChildServe Child Life
  • Provide age-appropriate play and other activities that encourage mastery, coping, and expression of feelings
  • Increase familiarity with surroundings and prepare children and families for medical or therapy experiences
  • Offer orientation to new experiences (such as having a surgical procedure)
  • Bridge the gap between home and hospital by providing familiar activities (such as play, school, birthday and holiday observations)
  • Provide leisure education and support to prepare to return to the community


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