Therapeutic Recreation

ChildServe Therapeutic Recreation

At ChildServe, recreational therapists offer services within a continuum of health care. Therapeutic recreation is intended to assist children with many aspects of daily life. Some of the positive results of therapeutic recreation may include building confidence, promoting greater self-reliance, enriching quality of life, easing fear, learning by doing, and utilizing leisure time.

The goals of therapeutic recreation include:
  • Reducing depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Recovering basic motor functioning and reasoning abilities
  • Building confidence
  • Socializing effectively
  • Enjoying greater independence
  • Reducing the effects of their illness or disability
  • Learning how to use community resources and recreational activities
  • Understanding and promoting "great life" activities for children and young adults
  • Creating and adapting activities that are developmentally appropriate and within physical capabilities
Therapeutic recreation at ChildServe may include:
  • Individualized activity development
  • Groups and 1:1 intervention
  • Community outings
  • Specialized leisure equipment fabrication and adaptation
  • Adapted sports and recreation
  • Pet-assisted therapy and visitation
  • Aquatics
  • Multi-sensory exploration
Specialized Services
  • Custom-made wheelchair trays and bedside activities


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