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We design, develop, create, and fit custom braces, or orthoses, to maximize physical function. Our certified orthotist specializes in pediatrics. Each orthosis is custom-fitted, and many are custom-fabricated specifically for an individual child. Our specialists support families through every stage of the orthotics process. They meet to assess the child’s needs and goals, take careful measurements and casts to ensure proper fit, build the device, fit it specifically to the child, and follow up to make sure the device functions well as the child grows.

Treatment Options
  • Consultation
  • Evaluation
  • Casting
  • Adjustments
  • Fittings
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Lower Extremity Orthoses
  • Custom plastic and metal ankle-foot (AFO) and knee-ankle-foot (KAFO) systems
  • Custom hip-knee-ankle-foot orthoses (HKAFO)
    • Flexion/extension control
    • Varus/valgus control
    • Dorsiflexion/plantarflexion control
  • Hip abduction orthoses (SWASH, Scottish-Rite Orthoses, Maple Leaf Orthoses)
  • Reciprocating gait orthosis (RGO)
  • Dynamic ankle foot orthoses (Cascade style)
  • Fracture bracing
  • Custom and prefabricated knee orthoses
  • Soft AFO night splints
  • Supramalleolar orthoses (SMO) (Surestep and Cascade styles)
Upper Extremity Orthoses
  • Custom fracture orthoses
  • Custom and prefabricated elbow orthoses
  • Custom and prefabricated wrist hand orthoses (WHO)
Spinal Orthoses
  • Custom and prefabricated cervical orthoses
  • Custom molded body jackets - thorocolumbar lumbar sacral orthoses (TLSO
  • Custom soft TLSO
  • Scoliosis control TLSO
  • Custom and prefabricated neoprene vests (Benik) and corsets
Foot Orthoses and Shoes
  • Custom longitudinal arch supports
  • Custom UCBL foot supports
  • Depth inlay and custom-fitted shoes
  • Custom-molded shoes
  • Modifications to shoes (heel/sole lifts)


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