Outpatient Services

ChildServe offers the following outpatient services:

ChildServe Adaptive EquipmentAdaptive Equipment

ChildServe's Adaptive Equipment Program provides wheeled mobility products including customized seating and positioning services to children within our residential and community programs. Our goal is to maximize the functional independence of children with special health care needs through the use of equipment and technology.

ChildServe Autism Program

Autism Program

Parents with concerns about their child’s development can utilize ChildServe's Autism screening and diagnostic clinics. Our staff work to identify risks so that early identification and referral for interventions can be made. ChildServe offers multiple support and intervention services for both newly diagnosed children and those living with autism.

ChildServe Orthotics


Our certified orthotist designs, develops, creates, and fits custom braces, or orthoses, to maximize physical function. We begin by meeting with the family to assess the child’s needs and goals, then take careful measurements and casts to ensure proper fit, build and fit the device, and follow up to make sure it functions well as the child grows.

ChildServe Pediatric Psychology

Pediatric Psychology

ChildServe's pediatric psychology program provides assessments and diagnostics for children, from young infants and toddlers through children, teenagers and young adults up to 21 years old.

ChildServe Physician Services

Physician Services

Physician Services at ChildServe include on-site x-rays, pediatric physiatry, and four physician specialty clinics which are offered as part of a collaboration with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Specialty clinics include: Genetics, Neuromuscular, Pediatric Orthopedic, and Metabolic clinics.

ChildServe Therapy and Rehabilitation

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy make up the core of ChildServe's therapy and rehabilitation program. These therapies are offered in a one-on-one setting, and are supplemented by a variety of specialty services.