Psychology Evaluation

Our psychologists provide comprehensive psychological evaluations that assess how a child thinks, learns and behaves. Evaluations may include interviews, observation, testing and consultation with other professionals involved in your child’s care. Psychological evaluations are helpful in identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses and can lead to recommendations for both academic and behavioral intervention. By detecting problems, an evaluation can be used to assist in identifying needs for special services in school and can help you gain access to community resources.
Preparing your child

Preparing Your Child

It is important to talk to your child prior to any procedure to eliminate anxiety about what to expect. Make sure your child knows the evaluation will not include a physical exam (no needles, medicines, etc.). For younger children, you may wish to emphasize the play aspect, as the evaulation will include puzzles and games. Older children may find it helpful to know there will be games and school-like work. However, unlike at school, there are no right or wrong answers, and no grades will be given.

On the day of the evaluation, please give your child all scheduled medications that he or she routinely receives. Make sure your child receives enough sleep the night before the evaulation and has a good breakfast prior to coming in for their appointment. If you wish, you may bring snacks along.


What Does the Evaluation Look Like?

Psychology evaluations include pencil and paper tasks, puzzles, drawing, and games. The evaluation covers many skill areas, such as general intellectual level, language, memory and learning, problem solving, planning and organization, fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, and academic skills (reading, math, spelling and writing). It also includes an examination of behavior and emotions.

What can be determined from an evaluation

What Can be Determined from an Evaluation?

Through a psychology examination, our psychologists may be able to determine the following:

  • Autism or Ausperger's Syndrome diagnoses
  • presence of ADHD in a child
  • personality features or disturbances
  • information processing difficulties
  • learning disabilities
  • emotional disorders
  • memory issues
  • executive functioning issues
Followup on Psychology Evaluation


ChildServe's psychologists will review their findings and recommendations and provide parents/guardians with a full report within 8-10 weeks. In addition to the full report, parents/guardians of children in the Autism Diagnostic Clinic will receive a brief write-up of results the same day of their appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are psychology evaluations offered?

Pediatric psychology evaluations are offered at the ChildServe Center in Johnston, located at 5406 Merle Hay Road.

When are psychology evaluations offered?

Pediatric psychology evaluations are offered Monday through Thursday by appointment only. The ChildServe Center is closed for primary holidays.

How long will the evaluation take?

Evaluations typically last between 2-4 hours, but may run longer depending on the child's specific evaluation needs. You child may be evaulated in one to two sessions, depending on how well your child tolerates the time.

What should I bring to the evaluation?

If your child wears glasses or a hearing aid, please make sure to bring these with you to the evaluation. If possible, bring copies of recent report cards and any reports of previous assessments of any kind (e.g. psychological, psychiatric, speech and language, OT). If your child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), please bring a copy of this as well.

How are pediatric psychology services funded?

Pediatric psychology services can be funded through commercial insurance and/or medicaid, depending on a family's individual plan. Some services are not funded through insurance, but are available through private pay.

I'm interested in pediatric psychology services for my child. How do I get started?

Contact ChildServe at 515.727.8750 and ask to speak to someone in our Psychology department.


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