ChildServe Aquatics

The aquatic facilities at ChildServe offer a safe, encouraging environment to foster each child’s participation in functional activities. In addition to aquatic therapy, ChildServe offers various community programs, including swimming lessons, arthritis exercise classes, community swim times, and pool rental for special events.

The facility is handicapped accessible and features:ChildServe Aquatic Facilities
  • Heated (94 F) 15-foot pool equipped for shallow water activities
  • Ramp entry with low incline angle
  • Range between two and five feet in depth
  • Changing areas with lockers
  • Climate-controlled pool enclosure
  • Recreational tools


Aquatic Therapy

The aquatics program at ChildServe combines the benefits of physical therapy, occupational therapy and even speech pathology with the advantages of warm water exercise. Aquatic therapy is a swimming pool-based treatment program with wonderful benefits for children:

  • The resistance of the water increases strength and the ability to move the joints.
  • Aquatic therapy is more comfortable since the water makes it easier to handle the kids.
  • Enhanced sensory feedback and body awareness from the movement of the water.
  • Muscles relax and are easier to stretch because the pool is heated.
  • Working in the water lets kids do things they may not be able to do on land.
  • Kids may work harder in the water than on land because it takes less effort and is more fun.
  • Kids love it!

Physical Therapy

Aquatic therapy can help children with an assortment of neurological, genetic, developmental and orthopedic disorders.  Children who use a wheelchair or other assistive devices to walk on land can often swim or walk with virtually no assistance in the water.  Aquatic therapy may be very useful for children who can no longer tolerate land-based exercises or for whom traditional therapy has become too difficult.

Occupational Therapy

Certified aquatic occupational therapists work one on one in the pool with children and young adults with developmental disabilities improving fine/gross motor skills, sensory processing skills, focusing and direction following skills as well as other areas of development. Therapists may also work on joint mobility and strengthening.

Therapeutic Recreation

ChildServe offers therapeutic swimming programs for children with special needs. Trained staff will assist swimmers with specific skills such as prescribed exercises and range of motion, or individually assess a participant and design a program to fit his or her specific needs. Therapeutic recreation provides children the opportunity to explore, assess, and develop lifetime leisure skills. Using a variety of techniques, therapists improve and maintain the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children.

Goals of Therapeutic Recreation
  • Reducing depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Recovering basic motor functioning and reasoning abilities
  • Building confidence
  • Socializing effectively
  • Enjoying greater independence
  • Reducing the effects of their illness or disability
  • Learning how to use community resources and recreational activities.

“At ChildServe, we do everything in our power to provide experiences to support a great life for the children. Swimming and enjoying the water is something that every child deserves to experience,” says Jeff Dirks, therapeutic recreation team lead. “If the child is healthy enough and has a doctor’s permission, we will find a way to get him or her into the pool.”


Community Programs


Youth Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are available for children with special health care needs.

Two people stretching in water for Arthritis Exercise

Arthritis Water Exercise

Water is a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness. ChildServe’s water exercise program is designed to safely keep your joints moving and improve your sense of well-being. The program allows you to exercise without putting excess strain on your joints and muscles. The gentle activities in warm water, with guidance from an Arthritis Foundation certified instructor, will help you gain strength and flexibility.

Two people swimming for Community Swim

Community Swim

ChildServe’s aquatics facility has scheduled Family Swim Times available for families who have Children with Special Health Care needs. Contact the Aquatics Center for details.

Ballon Icons for special events

Special Events

ChildServe’s aquatics center is available for rental for special events including birthday parties, family gatherings and play groups.


Sara Roberts


Aquatics Coordinator

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