Therapy Specialty Clinics

ChildServe offers several specialty clinics for children addressing a variety of issues. A child does not need to receive other services through ChildServe to take advantage of these clinics. To learn more about each specialty clinic, please click on the links below.

Augmentative Communication ClinicAugmentative Communication Clinic

ChildServe assesses and supports children with complex verbal and written communication challenges who require alternative methods to communicate. Therapists evaluate current communication skills and needs, assess abilities, and identify augmentative/alternative communication aids, strategies, and techniques.

Cochlear Implant ClinicCochlear Implant Clinic

The cochlear implant clinic at ChildServe provides evaluation of children who are candidates for a cochlear implant or who have received a cochlear implant. The team will explore support systems, discuss communication and educational options, and provide follow-up following implantation.

Feeding and Swallowing ClinicFeeding & Swallowing Clinic

The feeding and swallowing clinic at ChildServe brings together an interdisciplinary team of specialists to offer a comprehensive approach to evaluating feeding and swallowing problems. The team will conduct an assessment, make recommendations, and help parents with referrals and resources.