Augmentative Communication Clinic

ChildServe Augmentative Communication Clinic

The augmentative communication clinic assesses and supports children with complex verbal and written communication challenges who require alternative methods to communicate. The clinic is staffed by an interdisciplinary team comprised of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and assistive technology specialists.

  • Enable communication of thoughts and needs
  • Improve speech and language development
  • Encourage social interaction
  • Expand educational and vocational opportunities
  • Increase independence in the home, school, and community
Our Team
  • Speech language pathologists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Assistive technology specialists
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Assessment Process

The augmentative communication clinic follows a four-part process which includes evaluation, recommendations, family support, and follow up.

  1. Evaluation
  2. The team gets to know the child by:

    • Evaluating current communication skills and needs
    • Assessing physical capabilities and functional visual/perceptual abilities
    • Assessing computer access and environmental control needs

  3. Recommendations
  4. The team identifies augmentative/alternative communication aids, strategies, and techniques to meet the child’s needs. Supported equipment includes:

    • Communication Boards
      • Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS)
      • Custom alphabet, symbol, or picture boards
      • Tactile feeling boards
    • Switches
    • Computer-Based Communication
      • Communication software
      • Access devices
    • Voice Output Devices
      • GoTalk
      • Dynavox

  5. Family Support
  6. The team will help the family by:

    • Assisting in system design and training for both the child and his/her family members, educational team, and other communication partners
    • Assisting in identifying funding sources

  7. Follow Up
  8. Following the evaluation, the team will monitor the child’s progress.


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