Cochlear Implant Clinic

ChildServe Cochlear Implant Clinic

The cochlear implant clinic at ChildServe provides evaluation of children who are candidates for a cochlear implant or who have received a cochlear implant. Our comprehensive evaluation focuses on speech, language, speech perception, social factors, and family support.

  • Evaluate speech, language, and listening skills of children with hearing impairment
  • Explore support systems in place for child and family
  • Discuss communication and educational choices for children with hearing impairment
  • Provide follow-up evaluation following implantation
Our Team
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Audiologists
  • ENTs
  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Educational Staff
Clinic Schedule
  • Team assessment
    • Assess family’s expectations and motivation to participate in an extended rehabilitation program
    • Assess availability of financial resources to help with costs related to the cochlear implant and subsequent therapy
    • Assess family’s support systems
  • Speech/language evaluation
    • Assess current level of speech production, speech perception, and language
  • Team discussion with topics to include:
    • Educational placement options
    • Expectations of child’s development following implantation
    • Goal setting
  • Demonstration of therapeutic techniques
  • Resource packet
    • Families will be able to take home educational and training materials


Jenelle Clabaugh


Medical Social Worker

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515 727-1561
Pam Payeur


Medical Social Worker

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