Mental Health Matters

If your child had a broken leg, you would recognize it and take them somewhere for help.

So why, if your child has a behavioral or mental health concern, would you wait to ask for help?

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Autism Awareness: Tackling the Grocery Store

As the manager at ChildServe’s Autism Program, I get to hear about life’s ups and downs from the families we serve. One thing that comes up often is the dreaded trip to the grocery store. Most parents of kids with autism have been cut by sharp words from a fellow shopper who assumes that their child is being a “brat” or that there’s something lacking in their parenting skills.

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What Can a Support Group Do for You?

When my son was newly diagnosed with autism about a decade ago, I couldn’t fathom going to a support group. I thought it would be too overwhelming, or that hearing stories from other parents would make me insecure about my own parenting abilities.

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