Cecilia’s Story

Her Journey Home


“Cecilia is unique, gorgeous, and beautiful,” said Jordann, Cecilia’s mom.

She’s also had more medical challenges in her two years of life than many adults. Born prematurely at 28 weeks weighing 2 pounds, 12 ounces, her mom recalls a long and scary seven minutes where Cecilia was unresponsive. She was resuscitated, but her brain didn’t receive oxygen for several minutes, which caused her to suffer an anoxic brain injury.

Because of her medical difficulties at birth, Cecilia experienced hearing and vision issues and developmental delays. She also needed surgeries for placement of a G-Tube and Tracheostomy.

When scheduling Cecilia’s trach procedure, a social worker from Mercy Children’s Hospital and Clinics recommended ChildServe to provide Cecilia more opportunities and quality care.

Cecilia had her trach placed, and after a week in the hospital, she came to ChildServe’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. For just over two months, she received multiple therapy sessions and her parents received education and resources on how to best care for Cecilia.


“With homecare through ChildServe, we can be parents first. There is someone at our home taking care of Cecilia who loves her as much as we do. The therapists and nurses take care of the medical care so we can take care of the parenting. ”

Her mom and dad were ready for Cecilia to be home after so much time away, yet having a newborn with complex medical needs was a challenge.

“There was no time for the usual parent stuff, like snuggling,” said Jordann. “If we needed to go somewhere it would take over 40 minutes to get Cecilia’s equipment ready for a drive. Then, she may not even be in the mood to be out of the house.”

To assist with Cecilia’s medical needs and help her parents in every way possible, ChildServe Homecare was the best option. Once homecare services began, everyone in the family felt the benefits.

“With homecare through ChildServe, we can be parents first,” said Jordann. “There is someone at our home taking care of Cecilia who loves her as much as we do. The therapists and nurses take care of the medical care so we can take care of parenting.”

Cheryl Sondall has been a pediatric nurse for over 40 years. She was one of Cecilia’s homecare nurses for 11 months – caring for her four to five days a week.

“Cecilia is a great little girl,” said Cheryl. “I have seen her blossom, and her parents are awesome with caring for Cecilia. They both welcome nurses and treat us with the highest regard. Watching Cecilia grow has been so rewarding and fulfilling.”

Cecilia receives speech, occupational, and physical therapy at home during the day when her parents are at work or class. Thanks to ChildServe’s family-centered care, professional therapy and skilled nursing, she continues to impress those around her.

“Every single day Cecilia exceeds what we have heard and read about the future of a child with an anoxic brain injury,” said Jordann. “She is now walking in a gait trainer and rolling over on her own. There is no doubt in my mind that she will start to crawl soon too. ChildServe has met our needs. Every single nurse has been phenomenal and fantastic, and Cecilia loves her therapists.”



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