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ChildServe’s Cochlear Implant Clinic offers services to families with children who have received a cochlear implant, or who may receive one in the future. We provide evaluation, support, and guidance to help families make well-informed decisions. When a child experiences hearing loss, it is easy for them to become isolated from family and friends. The specialists at ChildServe know that restoring hearing is an amazing way to help children live a great life.

Why choose ChildServe?

Comprehensive Evaluation

ChildServe’s Cochlear Implant Clinic team offers a comprehensive evaluation for children and infants.

Experience & Expertise

Our interdisciplinary Cochlear Implant Clinic team has experience and expertise in caring for children and young adults with hearing impairment.

Partner with Parents

ChildServe partners with parents to provide education and support regarding their child’s condition.

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Who We Serve

ChildServe’s Cochlear Implant Clinic offers evaluations and guidance to families with children (21 years old or younger) who have hearing impairment. Some families need advice about whether the cochlear implant procedure is the best option for their child and family. Others may have already received the treatment and need education regarding support therapies or rehab options.

Our Approach

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We Know Kids

Our entire organization is built around kids! ChildServe’s pediatric specialists provide healthcare designed for the developmental needs of children and young adults. The pediatric experts in our Cochlear Implant Clinic have specialized knowledge and skills to provide guidance for families and children considering the cochlear implant procedure. Our facilities and equipment are designed to make kids comfortable, safe, and inspired.

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Expert Evaluations

Within ChildServe’s Cochlear Implant Clinic, our specialists provide an evaluation of the speech, language, and listening skills of children with hearing impairment before and/or after their implantation. We also evaluate the support system for the child, as well as the expectations and motivations held by family members. These efforts help families make informed decisions.

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ChildServe’s specialists help families know what to expect. Our clinic team members offer guidance on educational choices for children with hearing impairment. We help parents understand what challenges may occur during rehabilitation. Each family takes home educational and training materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this service available?

The Cochlear Implant Clinic provides assessments at ChildServe in Johnston.

We provide occupational and speech therapy to support children with hearing deficits at ChildServe in Johnston, Ames, Iowa City, and North Liberty. We also offer on-site speech and occupational therapy for children enrolled in childcare at the ChildServe Childcare Center in Johnston or children receiving Day Health services at our Des Moines location.

How do I get started?

To make a referral or request information, call our Medical Social Workers at 515-727-1533, or use our contact form below.

What types of healthcare professionals work in the Cochlear Implant Clinic?
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Audiologists
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists
  • Primary Care Physicians

Contact Us!

ChildServe – Johnston

5406 Merle Hay Road, Johnston, IA 50131

If you would like to make a referral, or if you have additional questions, please use the contact form below.

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