Evie’s Story

Evie thought she was coming in for a scan. Little did she know, her family and ChildServe‘s Adaptive Equipment Program had a surprise waiting for her.

Over a year prior, Evie became ill. Her parents, Eric and Ali, had turned to several healthcare professionals before discovering that Evie had medulloblastoma, a form of cancerous brain tumor. Although the diagnosis affected her physical functioning, Evie and her family continued to do the things that meant the most to them, like spending weekends at the campground.

“We didn’t know how camping was going to go,” says Evie’s dad, Eric. “The kids would usually play at the playground the whole time. This year, Evie didn’t have that flexibility.”

Evie’s parents researched adaptive bikes as a way to combine therapy and recreational family time. The family found ChildServe’s Adaptive Equipment Program, and reached out to Eric Enderton, certified Assistive Technology Professional at ChildServe. He invited Evie and her dad to ChildServe in Johnston for a tour of the campus.

“I initially had them come in so we could evaluate Evie and make sure we recommend the right bike to fit her needs,” recalls Eric.

When the bike finally came in, Evie’s parents and Eric managed to surprise her. After Eric made a few adjustments, the bike was a perfect fit. Evie took it on a cruise around ChildServe while her family and Eric cheered her on.

The next time the family spends the weekend at the campground, Evie will be able to go on bike rides with her family and friends.

“That’s just something we like to do as a family,” expresses Evie’s mom, Ali.

Evie and her family are a prime example of why Eric enjoys working in the Adaptive Equipment program at ChildServe.

“For me, the best part of working with adaptive equipment is that every day I get to make a significant difference in the life of a child, from a bicycle to a power chair with a complex seating system,” says Eric. “They are very important factors to helping children live a great life!”


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