Jojo’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit

At ChildServe

ChildServe’s pediatric rehabilitation unit is the only freestanding, comprehensive pediatric inpatient rehabilitation program for children and young adults in the state of Iowa. The 14-bed unit features a six-bed nursery and eight private rooms.

Keep scrolling for an inside look at the new unit and its unique features.

Peggy Fisher &

Larry Stelter Rehabilitation Gym

Regaining Skills One Hard-fought Therapy Session at a Time

The rehabilitation gym and three enclosed therapy treatment rooms are the heartbeat of our new unit. While rehabilitating at ChildServe, children and teens receive intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy – some up to two times a day per discipline.

Extensive rehab technology inside the gym is on par with other premier rehab programs across the US. The use of technology allows for treatment and leads to outcomes not always seen with conventional therapy.

ChildServe is 1 of only 5 CARF-accredited rehabilitation programs in the United States that have specialties in Pediatrics, Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury. To achieve accreditation, we met over 3,000 standards for quality.

Private Rooms

A Thoughtfully Designed Therapeutic Environment to Maximize Healing

The unit’s eight private rooms were designed with children and families top of mind. Each room is divided into care, child, and family zones to maximize space and efficiency. Large private bathrooms feature walk-in showers and plenty of space for children with mobility concerns to receive assistance.

From infection control measures like PPE storage built right into each room’s entrance, to uniquely fabricated doors that allow maximum flexibility of movement, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to promote healing and aid in rehabilitation.

Sleeper sofas and recliners provide an overnight option for family members who want to stay with their child. Free wifi and a desk area in each room helps parents stay connected and meet work and family responsibilities while their child rehabilitates. Smart TVs ensure families can connect to their personal entertainment accounts like Netflix and Disney+, just like at home.

Prairie Meadows Nursery

Expert Care & Support for a Bright Future

Graduating from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a huge step for infants who were born prematurely or with medical complications. New parents are understandably eager to bring their babies home. Yet, many of these infants still require extra care and attention, and parents may need extra training and education before they are comfortable and confident in caring for their babies’ medical needs.

The Prairie Meadows Nursery offers a family-centered healing environment to help babies continue to grow, develop and gain strength while having access to the same specialized equipment and care teams available in a NICU setting.

Each of the nursery’s six private rooms is equipped with a state-of-the-art monitoring system, as well as oxygen, med gas and suction capabilities. A sleeper recliner promotes bonding and helps parents feel more comfortable during their baby’s stay.

Our expert care team is comprised of professionals from a variety of fields. They work together with a shared goal of ensuring that the babies in our care receive the best treatment possible.

Nurses’ Stations

Collaboration & Innovation Happen Here

The nurses’ stations function as a control center for the unit. Here, physicians, nurses, therapists and other team members collaborate to help each child heal, meet goals and reach their highest potential.

Our nurse-to-child ratio on Jojo’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit is 1:3. Over 150 nurses work at ChildServe! We’re proud to have been named a Top Workplace by the Des Moines Register for 8 years running.

Teen Activity Area

Age-appropriate Space for Teens to Connect & Recharge

Just like rehabilitation for kids is different than rehabilitation for adults, teens have different developmental, social and emotional needs than the infants and younger children we serve.

The teen activity area was intentionally designed to give older youth a place to connect, relax and recharge with others of similar age. ChildServe’s Recreational Therapists and Child Life Specialists are experts at planning fun and engaging activities for all ages.

Many of the teens we serve especially enjoy gaming on the large tv, movie nights, and connecting with friends via social media and other apps on the unit’s iPads. Our facility dog, Caribou, is a paws-down favorite among all ages as well!

Family Room

Expert Care & Support for a Bright Future

We care about families! In addition to providing for each child’s medical needs, ChildServe’s expert team also takes an active part in training, educating and supporting parents as they prepare for life at home.

ChildServe’s family room is designed to provide an additional area where families can comfortably relax and spend time together during their child’s stay on the unit. Family education and training sessions can also take place in this space.

The TV, soft seating, dining and work areas provide family members an alternate option outside of their child’s room for private conversations, meals or times when their child may be resting or should not be disturbed.

In addition, the kitchenette area offers basic amenities to supplement our Spirit Cafe dining service. Laundry facilities are available nearby as well.

Rehabilitation Technology

Premier Technology for Better Treatment Options & Outcomes

ChildServe’s premier rehabilitation technology allows for treatment and leads to outcomes not always seen with conventional therapy. We continuously evaluate evidence-based rehabilitation technology to add to our programs that can improve the functional outcomes and lives of children and families.

Benefits of rehabilitation technology:

  • Greater intensity/frequency so kids make gains faster, and see results at a higher output
  • Children and families are able to see both immediate improvements and gains over time
  • Improvements in function are more likely to be permanent
  • More opportunities to practice “natural” movements with instant corrections
ChildServe‘s Rehabilitation Technology

AlterG Treadmill

A treadmill that unweights the body and makes it easier to walk, helping kids get up and walk earlier than they normally would be able to do.

Bioness Vector

A dynamic bodyweight support system that provides a safe environment for a child to practice walking, standing, moving and playing. ChildServe is excited to be the first provider in Iowa to make this technology available to children and teens.

The Bioness Vector:

 – allows for faster learning and strengthening of key movement skills without the fear of falling or re-injury

 – provides an added layer of safety for therapists, as they are no longer the primary support for the child

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Technology

RT300 FES Bike: A bike that will retrain and strengthen a child’s muscles.

RT600 FES Stepper: A stepper that retrains a child to walk helping the muscles work and get stronger.

Excite FES: Technology that helps a child’s muscles re-learn functional activities like standing up, eating, using their arms, etc.

Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS)

A large, interactive touch screen that develops a child’s vision, thinking and balance skills.

Developmental Activity Wall

Learning is Often Disguised as Play

ChildServe’s interactive sensory wall offers endless motor skill and sensory exploration opportunities for all ages and abilities. 

  • Multiple circular light panels offer pre-programmed games as well as opportunities for open-ended play. 
  • With the GestTrack3D, teens can navigate 3D game worlds, and interact with virtually any computer system through a wide range of gestures and poses – without ever touching it.
  • Children can clap their hands, use their voices or play music to activate the LED lights on the sound-activated light-up panel.

Aquatics Center

Freedom Found Only in Water

The aquatics program at ChildServe combines the benefits of physical, occupational and even speech therapy with the advantages of warm water exercise. Aquatic therapy is a swimming pool-based treatment program with wonderful benefits for children:

 – The resistance of the water increases strength and the ability to move the joints.

 – Muscles relax and are easier to stretch because the pool is heated.

 – Kids receive enhanced sensory feedback and body awareness from the movement of the water.

 – Working in the water lets kids do things they may not be able to do on land.

 – Kids work harder in the water than on land because it takes less effort and is more fun.

ChildServe’s aquatics center is handicapped-accessible and features:

 – Heated (92 F) 15-foot pool equipped for shallow water activities

 – Ramp entry with a low incline angle

 – Range between two and five feet in depth


ChildServe improves the health and well-being of nearly 5,800 children each year through specialized clinical, home, and community-based programs and services. We serve children with developmental delays, disabilities, injuries, and other special healthcare needs.

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