Jordan’s Story


Every summer, fun is the name of the game at Camp ChildServe. For Jordan, that meant trips to the swimming pool, quality time with friends and endless rounds of Candyland.

“In school, it’s very structured for them,” says Braxton Peats, Respite Service Assistant. “Here we let them be kids and choose what they want to play.”

Camp ChildServe focuses on providing summer fun for children with special healthcare needs in a respite-style setting. Campers enjoy tons of field trips to local theaters, parks and swimming pools on top of games and activities while back at the camp’s home base.

In addition to fun and relaxation, Jordan has had some successes too. Although, he didn’t know many kids or staff when he started Camp ChildServe this summer, he gradually opened up to everyone at camp.


“As the weeks and months went on, he became more and more social,” recalls Braxton. “At the beginning, he would just say hi and be timid. Now he says hi, smiles and greets everyone by name.“

Alayna, Jordan’s mom, appreciated the communication that she had with camp staff. She felt that Camp ChildServe was a win for both her and her son.

“From the parent perspective, I feel the best part of camp was how amazing, friendly and well trained the staff was,” says Alayna. “From Jordan’s perspective, the best part of summer camp was all the fun activities that were planned daily.”

From baking birthday cakes to swimming at the pool, Jordan can go back to school knowing that he had a successful summer at Camp ChildServe.


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