Kirsten’s Story


Kirsten started off her college journey by pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. However, when she took on a role as a direct support professional, her career path quickly shifted.

“When I first started working with individuals with special healthcare needs, I was able to see how rewarding that career path was,” said Kirsten. “I enrolled in a CNA class and loved it. Because of that direct support professional job, I decided I was going to become a nurse and help people for the rest of my life.”

As the Clinical Supervisor for ChildServe Homecare, Kirsten has experienced many great life moments with the kids and families she serves. One particular family’s journey has left a lasting impact on her.

“The child was on a ventilator and had to wear AFOs (leg braces) on their legs and use a walker,” said Kirsten. Through hard work and a dedicated team of therapists, nurses and family members, that child is no longer on a ventilator, can walk without wearing their AFOs, and does not need the walker. It has been a challenging journey, but I am so thankful to be a part of it.”

Kirsten has also experienced many opportunities to grow in her career at ChildServe.

“I started my career at ChildServe as an RN in Homecare and was given the opportunity to enhance my skills,” said Kirsten. “I am so thankful for the opportunity to further develop my leadership skills and help the kids served by Homecare in a different way.”

Kirsten’s ability to create relationships with families and kids is reflective of her genuine love for serving others.

“At ChildServe, I can act goofy and make a child laugh. I am not only helping a child but also their family. I can develop a working relationship with the child,” explained Kirsten. “Part of my job in the child’s home is playing with them! At ChildServe, I help these kids just be kids, and I take the time to make them feel special.”

Kirsten is grateful to work in ChildServe‘s Homecare program because she is able to make a difference in the lives of kids and families while watching them grow and develop.

“It is so rewarding to watch a child use the skills you taught them in their everyday life,” said Kirsten. “I cannot put into words how fulfilling it is when a child overcomes such challenging obstacles. I cannot describe how proud I am to be a part of the ChildServe team.”

If you’re interested in working with dedicated team members like Kirsten to make a positive impact for kids with special healthcare needs, learn more about our current job opportunities here.


ChildServe improves the health and well-being of more than 5,600 children each year through specialized clinical, home, and community-based programs and services. We serve children with developmental delays, disabilities, injuries, and other special healthcare needs.

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