Micah’s Story

When their son Micah was born, Laura and Matt knew he was a big miracle with a big purpose. Born prematurely at 23 weeks, Micah faced feeding challenges, muscle weakness and poor coordination. As a 6-year-old, he was also diagnosed with Autism and a sensory processing disorder. Laura and Matt knew Micah needed support across several areas, but they had a tough time finding the right resources to meet his needs. When they decided to partner with the experts at ChildServe, it seemed like pieces of a puzzle were falling into place. “It was such a relief to know that we didn’t have to figure all this out on our own,” says Laura. “The social worker and therapists on Micah’s care team helped us decide on speech and occupational therapies and respite care to help him become more independent and healthy.” One of Micah’s major goals involved his social skills. Micah is extremely outgoing, but he had a hard time knowing the appropriate ways to interact with others. The group respite and speech therapy programs at ChildServe provided Micah the opportunity to practice his social skills in a safe, supervised setting. Speech Therapist Lacey Wolfe has seen Micah grow in amazing ways. “When he started at ChildServe, Micah didn’t understand how to approach a peer while ‘staying in his own bubble,’” says Lacey. “Through his work on social skills, Micah was able to learn how to introduce himself to a peer and ask if they would like to play.” Micah, now 9, receives individual respite care once each week, as well as occasional group respite weekends, where Micah stays overnight at the ChildServe Respite Center. The mix of respite and therapy services helps Micah become more independent while also helping his family find the right balance. For Laura and Matt, it’s clear that gaining independence and navigating social situations are just the beginning of many amazing moments to come. “Micah used to play next to kids, now he plays with them,” says Laura. “Thanks to our partnership with ChildServe, he spends time surrounded by people who understand him, and want to help him be his best just like we do.”


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