Monica’s Story 

ChildServe‘s Community Services Supervisor Monica Goodvin found her love for helping kids and families with special healthcare needs after her son was diagnosed with autism.

“I never thought of working with children with special healthcare needs until I became the mom of one,” said Monica. “I was a nervous, worried parent (still am most days!) with little experience with children with special healthcare needs, but I was lucky enough to receive guidance and support from teachers, therapists and fellow caregivers.

“Once I felt more confident as a parent and my children were a little older, I started working with children with special healthcare needs and developed a passion for it. This passion led me to find my perfect fit at ChildServe. I now can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Some of Monica’s most memorable great life moments with her son happened while in therapy sessions at ChildServe.

“We’ve shared so many moments that we never thought we would get to see,” said Monica. “He learned so much in therapy, including how to speak in full sentences during speech therapy and how to write his name and calm his sensory overload during occupational therapy. He also discovered how to jump and run in physical therapy and learned how to initiate conversations and make friends in social skills.

“I know he wouldn’t be the young man he is without this support, and I am constantly in awe of the great life moments we have had at ChildServe.”

Monica’s connection to ChildServe’s mission is reflected in the work she does each and every day. For over seven years, she has been with the ChildServe team and has cherished her role as “cheerleader” for kids and families with special healthcare needs.

With the support and encouragement of her team at ChildServe, Monica has started Drake University’s Master of Applied Behavior Analysis program to continue learning and impact even more kids and families.

“While every child who comes to ChildServe will have their own story and their own path to go along, I love being able to share my personal experience with other families. I wish to provide hope and understanding and share their child’s great life moments just like my son’s therapists and providers shared with me.”

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