Paige’s Story


Having the right support can turn life’s challenges into opportunities to grow. With the help of her parents and multiple services at ChildServe, four-year-old Paige has done just that.

Like many her age, Paige loves to read books, jump on the trampoline, and eat her favorite treat – donuts! But the path to becoming the thriving preschooler she is today has not always been smooth.

Paige was born with several medical complications including a cleft lip and palate, a small hole in her heart, a tethered spine, and hip dysplasia. In her first year of life, she had a feeding tube implanted and had surgeries to repair her lip, palate, spine and hip. As a two-year-old, Paige was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Kabuki Syndrome, which affects multiple parts of the body.

Paige’s parents Amy and Clint started partnering with ChildServe when Amy returned to work. They knew that a typical daycare setting couldn’t provide the level of support Paige needed. ChildServe’s Day Health program offered peace of mind that their daughter would receive expert care during the work week.

“ChildServe has been the one constant thing in our life throughout many other never-ending changes,” says Amy.

At Day Health, Paige received skilled nursing care along with on-site speech, occupational, and physical therapies. Paige’s parents and the team at ChildServe watched her make exciting progress over the years, from learning to walk and growing stronger, to eating food orally and having her feeding tube removed.

“Paige has spent many hours in therapy, but ChildServe therapists are able to make it fun for her,” says Amy. “They know how to incorporate work and play.”

When an insurance change required Paige to start attending a typical daycare program rather than Day Health, Paige’s family chose to continue their partnership with ChildServe at the childcare program in Johnston. Paige’s team at Day Health communicated everything her new care team would need to know to help her continue making progress.

Hannah Filicky, ChildServe occupational therapist, first served Paige at Day Health. When Paige made the switch to childcare, Hannah was able to continue working with Paige in Johnston.

“The transition to a more inclusive setting opened up new experiences and allowed Paige to grow alongside her peers,” says Hannah. “She has gained skills and independence in self-dressing, snack time, and play time.”

Paige likes to talk with adults, but she has a harder time communicating with kids her age. Her parents were thrilled to see her amazing spirit and personality shine as she jumped into the bigger classroom and new experiences at childcare.

“When we received a picture of Paige holding hands and dancing with one of her friends at ChildServe, we were so excited,” says Amy. “ChildServe has helped Paige live a great life by letting her have fun and be a kid.”


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