ChildServe‘s 2019 DAISY Award Winners

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The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem) Award is an international recognition program that celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.

At ChildServe, we celebrated 7 nominees and three winners as families and nurses took the time to honor and thank the ChildServe nurses they have seen go above and beyond in their work. Read the winning nominations below!

Daisy Award winners standing outside with their plaques.

Audrey Glasscock, RN
Role: Nurse, Inpatient Rehabilitation Program
Years at ChildServe: 5

“Audrey constantly amazes me! Her dedication to the children she cares for is inspiring. When Audrey is on shift you will never find her sitting. She is constantly on the go, moving from one room to the next, with speed and precision. She is always on top of each child’s needs and she has an ability to make any child feel comfortable in their environment. There are times when we have to remind Audrey to sit down and eat her lunch. She is constantly on the move and constantly advocating for the children she serves. There have been multiple times that children on the unit have commented to me how nice and caring Audrey is. They love having her as their nurse!“

Korie Bixler, RN
Role: Night Team Lead, Inpatient Rehabilitation
Years at ChildServe: 5

“In the last year, Korie has shown a tremendous amount of growth as a leader. Under her supervision, the TCU has the most successful night shift it has ever had. Turnover for her shift is at an all-time low and I feel like it is a direct correlation to her leadership style. Korie is an effective communicator and has frequent meetings with her staff to make sure everyone understands the happenings of the unit. She leads by example, making sure that the kids are in the center of her care and leadership. She is trusted and admired by the staff she supervises.

In the past year, she developed and implemented the “Mock Code Team.” This is an interdisciplinary team that focuses on education for staff in emergency situations. Korie has led this team to a successful implementation of emergency scenarios that help staff to be better prepared to deal with anything from a G-tube dislodgement to full cardiac arrest episodes.  Following the mock situation, she goes through what went well and where we need to focus on education. Originally intended for our new staff, these scenarios have inspired employees, old and new, to think critically about what they would do if faced with an emergency.  I could not be more proud of Korie and I look forward to seeing where her journey takes her!“

Mackenzie DeMoss, RN, BSN, CRRN
Role: RN Care Coordinator, Inpatient Rehabilitation
Years at ChildServe: 12

“Mackenzie goes above and beyond to ensure that the needs of each of her patients and their families are met.  She meets with families regularly, provides education as needed, and makes sure that every child discharged has the supplies that they need to go home. Two separate occasions stand out to me:

First, Mackenzie was the care coordinator for a difficult admission situation, where a child was admitted over a weekend, but then the family insisted upon leaving on Monday morning.  Mackenzie worked with the team to identify necessary medical supplies to discharge home and worked with the durable medical equipment (DME) company to get these arranged for delivery the next day.  She communicated with the entire medical team, coordinated discharge and DME orders, and reviewed education documentation.  These are all items that we usually do over a couple days and she did it in a few hours, to ensure that the family could discharge home with the help of the healthcare team. Mackenzie worked exceptionally hard through this case to help meet the needs of this family so that they could discharge home.

In my second example, we recently admitted a young baby and family. The patient was on my caseload.  I reviewed teaching with the family on the day of admission, but this is often overwhelming and too much for them to take in on their first day with us. The Friday following admission, Mackenzie was asked about training by the social worker. Instead of waiting until I returned on Monday to review training with the family, Mackenzie spent over an hour with this family, reviewing the education process, home medical equipment process, and making them feel comfortable. She did not have to do this, but she went out of her way to ensure that this family had their questions answered and needs met that day. I so appreciate the time that she took to truly make this family feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the process for discharge and for training.

Mackenzie consistently puts her patients first. The number of stories of the time that she has spent with families, the care that she has provided, and the people she has touched are numerous. She is available, devoted, and knowledgeable for both our team and the children we serve.”

ChildServe staff and children interacting at the daisy award celebration

Zayleigh standing outside holding a daisy flower for the daisy award celebration.


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