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Building Independence

Children and young adults with intellectual disabilities can do amazing things. We see it every day at ChildServe. We love helping them develop important skills through customized care plans. ChildServe’s Supported Community Living (SCL) program offers skill-building services to help children and young adults increase their independence and confidence.

Each child has their own set of goals to improve communication, motor, and social skills. ChildServe’s SCL program allows children and young adults to safely explore their community, and join activities they’re interested in. From learning to make a bed or do their laundry, to getting a library card or planning a night with their friends, children in ChildServe’s SCL program focus on a variety of life skills.

Why choose ChildServe?

Experience & Training

ChildServe caregivers have education, experience, and training in serving children and young adults with special healthcare needs. We provide additional training for staff when they are assigned to a child or young adult.

Customized Goals & Plans
We value your input! Parents and guardians share an important role in creating customized goals and plans.
ChildServe’s SCL CARF-accreditedBeing CARF-accredited means that the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities recognizes ChildServe as an organization that meets rigorous guidelines for service and quality and conforms to nationally and internationally recognized standards.
 services take place in each child’s community or home, to ensure that new skills develop in places they will be used again.

Who We Serve

ChildServe’s SCL program partners with children with special healthcare needs (aged 2 through 21 years old) who qualify for:

Brain Injury (BI) Medicaid Waiver

Intellectual Disability (ID) Medicaid Waiver

Our Approach

In SCL, children and young adults learn to participate more fully in their community while developing greater independence and life skills. Each child and young adult is matched with a caregiver who helps them work towards reaching their goals. Typical activities often include but are not limited to the following:

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Daily Living Skills

Making a bed, cooking a meal, cleaning their room, and learning laundry skills.

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Individual Advocacy

Obtaining/using library card, and understanding his/her rights.
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Community Participation

Riding a bike, volunteering, participating in scouting or other youth programs, participating in a Parks and Rec program, and developing safety skills.
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Socialization Skills

Requesting an activity, planning a night out with friends, participating in after school activities, and interacting with peers.
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Communication Skills

Developing effective communication, increasing vocabulary, staying on topic, carrying a conversation, and ordering food at a restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer a child to this service?

Referrals can be made by a number of interested parties including the child’s parent/guardian, physicians, case managers, therapists, or other members of the child’s care team. To refer a child to the SCL program or request more information, call the location-specific numbers below:

  • Ames:  515-232-7220
  • Iowa City: 319-351-5437
  • Johnston: 515-727-0269
Where do services take place?
SCL services take place in a community setting or the child’s home. This is done to help ensure new skills will be used again, and so your child can be confident and independent in their home environment and community.
When do services take place?

Depending on the skill being learned, services may be provided between 6 am-10 pm, any day of the week. For example, if a child is working to become more independent at getting ready in the morning, the SCL session would take place in the child’s home, during their usual morning routine timeframe.

How often do services take place?

ChildServe’s SCL services are scheduled at least twice weekly, for 2-4 hours at a time. This allows children and young adults to see the best results in working toward their goals.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Your child is expected to participate in all SCL scheduled shifts. Please make every attempt to reschedule any missed shifts. If cancellation is necessary, please provide notice to your child’s assigned staff.  Please contact your child’s SCL supervisor to report schedule changes.

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    ChildServe regularly gathers child and family satisfaction feedback, quality reports, and census data to monitor our services and continuously improve the care and services we provide.

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