Aedyn’s Story

For parents of children with special healthcare needs, it can be difficult to trust someone else with the care of their child. Parents need a break every once in awhile, but how can they ease their anxiety about leaving their child with someone else? That’s the question Cindy asked herself while searching for respite options for her son, Aedyn. Before he was born, Aedyn was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition known as Emanuel Syndrome, which causes significant developmental delays, underdeveloped muscle tone and more medical issues. Aedyn’s parents prepared for his arrival by seeking additional resources to meet his future needs. The couple toured ChildServe and found clinical and community services to support their son, including respite options. “With all of Aedyn’s needs, we couldn’t hire a babysitter from down the street,” said Cindy. His parents needed someone with the specialized training necessary to care for Aedyn’s complex medical needs. Just as importantly, they needed someone they could trust. They discovered ChildServe’s family and friends respite option, where a family member or close friend can receive the training needed to care for a specific child.

Now, both of Aedyn’s grandmas and Rita, a family friend and retired nurse, provide respite care designed just for Aedyn.

“It is a fabulous fit for our family,” says Cindy. “This way, we know we always have three other people who can care for Aedyn, and my husband and I know we can relax when he is with his grandmas or Rita .”

“It is a fabulous fit for our family. This way, we know we always have three other people who can care for Aedyn, and my husband and I know we can relax when he is with his grandmas or Rita.”

ChildServe Respite care allows Aedyn’s parents to take a break from the day-to-day efforts of raising a child with complex healthcare needs. They have time to enjoy regular date nights, run errands, and more with the help of Aedyn’s grandmas and Rita. The whole family even took a vacation together that Cindy says would not have been possible without the help of Aedyn’s respite providers.

As Aedyn got older, his parents tried out ChildServe‘s group respite options after having such a positive experience in his individual respite plan. At group respite weekends, Aedyn enjoys sleepovers with friends, trips the the zoo, and more.

“I have nothing but great things to say about our experience,” said Cindy. “ChildServe is an amazing resource; I wish I could tell everyone about it. We are so happy we were able to find a solution that was best for Aedyn and our family.”



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