ChildServe‘s 2023 DAISY Award Winners

The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem) Award is an international recognition program that celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.

At ChildServe, we recently celebrated 30 nominees and four winners as families and nurses took the time to honor and thank the ChildServe nurses they have seen go above and beyond in their work in the last year. Read summaries of the winning nominations below, and join us in congratulating these nurses on their excellent care:

Parent Talking to Child

Danielle Buettner, MSN, RN

Role: Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Team Lead Nurse
Years at ChildServe: 4

 “Danielle Buettner is closer to Wonder Woman than RN at this point. As I sit here and attempt to write about what a caring, driven, detail-oriented, task-slaying leader she is I can’t think of the best examples of her work. She has her hands in so many things it is hard to pick one instance. There are just too many. 

Dani cares about families. She has built relationships with families that I know have impacted their lives and hers. She helped to create a training plan for a family that wanted to go home without homecare nursing in place. In order to do this she worked on emergency scenarios, she personally coached them through difficult training, and thought of ways to make everyday care easier when they got home. She diligently trains and walks alongside each family on their journey. She ensures that her staff understand the training needs of each family and works with providers when we need to clarify needs of training.

Dani cares about children. She is likely the goofiest nurse. She encourages her staff to get involved in games and things that put a smile on the children’s faces. From bouncing a beach ball off her head repeatedly to conducting a beach ball volleyball game on the unit and every snuggle in between, she is there to help a child have a great day. Children naturally respond to her caring nature. Not only is she fun, but she puts in the work to understand each child’s needs and care planning. She ensures staff have what they need to do what they do best when caring for these kids.

Dani cares about her environment. She is always looking for ways to help improve the work environment that she oversees. Dani brings creative and realistic ideas on how we can best utilize our space as we continue to get settled into our new unit. Even before the opening, she was paramount in making decisions about how we thought things would work.

Dani cares about the team.  She has her finger on the pulse of her staff and supports them throughout their day. She ensures that they not only have what they need to do their jobs, but cares about their personal lives as well. Often, she will fill in for staff so they can leave early for a family event or appointment that can’t be missed. She devotes her time not only to her unit, but often you will find her on any of the inpatient units or outpatient areas just helping out. 

Wendi Peterson, RN
Role: Medical Childcare Rehabilitation Nurse
Time at ChildServe: 6 months

Nomination #1: “From supporting a child through an unexpected medical challenge to cheering on a child while they take their first steps…Wendi does it all with so much love. Wendi joined the Medical Childcare team in Ames as a PRN staff and quickly became an important part of the week. When the full-time position opened, it was apparent that Wendi was the perfect fit. Through her kind, caring, sweet and sometimes silly ways, she creates connections with each and every child in the room. Her knowledge and sense of calm helps to guide the classroom when a child is in need of additional medical support. Wendi truly is an amazing asset to the Medical Childcare team in Ames!”

Nomination #2: “Wendi has been such a caring and wonderful addition to our staff. She is always willing to help out and works with the direct care staff to complete the daily tasks that need to be done. She always comes in with a smile and a positive attitude. She is ready to advocate for the children and never hesitates to jump in and help staff when needed. She has been such an asset to our team, and we’re so happy she chose to work with us!”

Nomination #3: “Wendi has been at ChildServe for a few months in her current position. In that time, she has made a big difference for the kids and families we serve. She is an excellent nurse, team player and strong advocate for the children. The children, families and staff all love her. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face and a willingness to help out. She has been an excellent addition to the Medical Childcare team.”

Nomination #4: “Wendi provides a calm, loving and compassionate space for the children we serve in our Medical Childcare program in Ames. She is wonderful!”

Jasmin Deitrick, RN, BSN
Role: Inpatient Team Lead
Years at ChildServe: 3

Nomination #1: “Jasmin has an enormous heart and embodies the mission of ChildServe. She is always there for her team, she is always here for other members of leadership and, of course, the families. Jasmin has tackled some hard situations this year, things nobody ever should have to discuss, but unfortunately in this line of work we must. She handles it with tremendous grace, patience, kindness and intellect. We as a team are lucky to have her.”

Nomination #2: “Everyone on the unit always says, ‘Jazzy is here, so everything is going to be okay,’ and it is so true. We can always count on Jasmin’s support if an unexpected challenge occurs. One night, Jasmin, our overnight team lead, was supposed to leave her shift at 2 a.m. Instead, she stayed to assist in assessing a patient in need, communicating with the doctors and the patient’s family to make sure the patient received the care they needed to be comfortable. Jasmin was with this family for several hours providing care and went above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable. Jasmin provided so much relief and comfort to everyone in this moment. The family expressed immense gratitude for her amazing care and dedication to their family. Thank you so much for all you do Jazzy. ChildServe is a better place because of you!”

Nomination #3: “One night, Jasmin was working as our team lead and was nearing the end of her shift at 2 a.m. Shortly before leaving, a respiratory therapist called her to assist with a patient whose condition had changed unexpectedly. Jasmin immediately took charge of the situation by performing a head-to-toe assessment and working to find a solution for the patient. Jasmin worked quickly to communicate with the on-call physician to discuss a further plan of care as well as the patient’s family and the hospice nurse. Jasmin never failed to be at the patient’s bedside comforting the family and showing the utmost amount of grace. That night Jasmin worked over 16 hours so she could stay with the family to make sure their child was comfortable and be an emotional support. She works so hard to make sure everything runs smoothly which helps her team feel supported. Jasmin goes above and beyond every single day for the patients and their families. The Daisy Award and its meaning remind many of us of Jasmin and her heart for this job.”

Nomination #4: “Jasmin goes above and beyond every day. Caring for patients, especially in their lowest times, can be difficult for all involved. To say it is a blessing to have a leader like Jasmin on the unit to provide support during all kinds of situations would be an understatement. Many of the experiences on the unit are a million times better with her love and guidance for both the staff and the patients that we serve.”

Team Award | Beaverdale Medical Group Home Nurses

Marie Porter RN, BSN, CWCN

Melissa Barr, RN

Chastity Butts, LPN

Shay Dearchs, LPN

Casey Godsell, LPN

Hannah Harrison-Howe, RN, BSN

Linnea Lloyd, RN, BSN

Nicki McDermott, RN

Pam McDonald, RN

Sunny Mobley, RN, MSN

Amber Rice, LPN

Elizabeth Sindt, RN

Nomination #1: “The nurses at the ChildServe Beaverdale Medical Group Home are highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate team players and effectively demonstrate the true meaning of partnering with families to help children live a great life. They make such a difference for the children we serve and always go above and beyond. These nurses are inspiring even to the young eye or the students that come in. I have watched this amazing team form with honesty, charisma, passion and true dedication to our mission. These nurses are true leaders and are the voices of the individuals we serve. They work great with families and provide outstanding communication. This isn’t just a team, but a family. I can’t say enough good things about the Beaverdale Home nurses. I find myself learning so much from them. These nurses are true heroes who define every day what a nurse is.”

Nomination #2: “The nurses at the Beaverdale Medical Group Home are fantastic. They have an “all-in” attitude, and you can see the love and care they provide for each of the young adults in their home. They treat and triage significant medical complexity with extraordinary expertise and compassion. These nurses take the initiative. They ask hard questions and strive to learn how to best care for and support ever-increasing care needs. They put significant time and care into working with families to meet the needs of their loved ones. I don’t know what I would do without such wonderful, supportive nurses in this home caring for these young adults. I am so grateful to witness their super nursing powers.”

Nomination #3: “The Beaverdale Group Home nursing team goes above and beyond for the individuals they serve. They focus on creating “great life” moments every day in the home. They have created a cheer squad, planted flowers and formed a special rock garden by the home. This team also looks for innovative ways to individualize care and improve the efficiency of their processes. I’m continually impressed at how this team takes on new projects and responsibilities without hesitation. They strive for excellence and set outstanding standards for communication, collaboration, advocacy, and family partnership. Moreover, they genuinely have fun and create a home that is fun to work at and live in!”


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