The ChildServe Legacy Society

Throughout our long history, ChildServe’s core values of care, integrity, trust, excellence and partnership have remained the foundation for the services we provide. The ChildServe Legacy Society recognizes and honors the partnership of individuals and families who have included the organization as a beneficiary of their estate plans.

Once caring for children recovering from childhood illnesses such as polio and tuberculosis, ChildServe has transformed over the decades through donor support to become the most comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation center of its kind in the Midwest, expanding its service and reach to more than 4,500 children each year.

ChildServe Legacy Society

Anonymous (17)

Mary Jane Allgood and Jeremy Neswold

Yvonne M. Borton

Don and Margo Blumenthal

Eric and Linda Brown

David Laird Charles

Ken and Robin Dubas

Willie Foster


Mark and Robin Gambaiana

Susan Hough

Jeanne S. Jennings

Ellen Jessen

David and Diane McKenzie

Frances Meyrat

Mary and Robert Miller

J.R. Moss

Robert and Lynn Neswold

Dave and Julie Neve

Frank Nowasell

Greg and Lori O’Hara

Jim and Michelle Pender

Bonnie Phillips

Ronald and Clarice Rubek

Joann Sandquist

Leon and Dianne Shearer

Erin E. Smith

Susan Soden


Larry P. Stelter Family Foundation

Russell and Dae Underwoood

Meri Van Ahn

Scott Van Gundy

Lloyd and Vicki VanderKwaak

Arland and Arlene VanderLeest

Rhonda Hartley Watton

James and Ann Willer

Douglas Yochum

In Memoriam
Mary Ruth Ackermann

Dorothy Angerer

Evelyn L. Reichard Beckman

Morton Bookey

Ruth M. Brown

Richard C. Crary

Josephine P. Goodman

John R. and Zelda Z. Grubb

George and Florence S. Hoffmann

Helen Holt

Eleanor A. Hornback

Jean B. Huie

Evelyn Kleinlein

Deana F. Lamb

Virginia I. Bermann Leonard

Adele McDonald

Doris McPherson

Nancy Joan Miller

Helen B. Motsick

Donni Nowasell

Lou and Dorothy Pomerantz

Olive E. Ryen

Gary Sandquist

Richard Sargent

Jean Marie Touchae

Helen Turner

James M. Walsh

Peggy West

Violet G. Young


ChildServe improves the health and well-being of nearly 5,800 children each year through specialized clinical, home, and community-based programs and services. We serve children with developmental delays, disabilities, injuries, and other special healthcare needs.

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