Thank You for Your Support!

Thank You for Your Support!

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Watch Jones take his first steps at home in the video below and read his full story below.

Watch  Jones take his first steps at home in the video above and read his full story below.

Jones’ First Steps 

Jones’ First Steps 

“For many parents, seeing their child walk is a given, but to us, it’s a miracle,” said Emily, Jones’ mom.

Jones first came to ChildServe–Ames after being diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation called AUTS2 syndrome at the age of 1. This diagnosis is unique to each individual and can cause many symptoms, including intellectual disability and developmental delays. At ChildServe, Jones began physical and occupational therapies to work on his mobility goals.

“Jones’ pediatrician assured us ChildServe was the best resource in town for comprehensive outpatient therapy,” said Emily. “We didn’t know these services existed in Ames, but once our son needed them, we saw the gift that ChildServe was in our community.”

Jones made progress, but his diagnosis impacted him more than his family imagined. When it was time to start preschool, Jones was not walking independently. Instead, he was supported by a wheelchair, customized braces and a walker.

“Thankfully, ChildServe was there to help every step of the way. When he started to bear weight on his legs, ChildServe’s Orthotics team helped customize his braces and find the perfect shoes; his physical therapist helped us size a walker; and Dr. Fred Klingbeil, pediatric physiatrist at ChildServe–Johnston, helped us get the perfect wheelchair. Jones was facing different challenges than most children his age, but he was not alone—we were not alone.”

Each week Jones and his ChildServe team persevered, trying new techniques, equipment and ways to engage him in therapy. By January 2021, Jones’ hard work and his team’s persistence paid off. For the first time, Jones did not bring his wheelchair to school. In September 2022, Jones started walking independently at the age of 7.

“We still marvel at seeing him cross the room to find a toy or show us what he wants,” said Emily. “When we see him walk, climb onto the couch or catch himself in a fall, we see hundreds of hours of therapy, multiple types of equipment, and years of weekly outpatient services. We see the determination of Jones and his team at ChildServe.”


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