Medical Director Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

This position blends medical leadership and clinical practice.  The Medical Director provides organizational leadership and medical expertise in the development, implementation and evaluation of the ChildServe Care System.  The Medical Director ensures all clinical care practice at ChildServe complies with federal and state regulations, aligns with pediatric medical care standards, and represents best practice for children.  The clinical practice component will be through outpatient specialty clinic practice.

Reports To:
Senior Vice President of Clinical Services

Supervises: Physicians
Position Status: Exempt
ChildServe Expectations
  1. Promote an organizational culture based on Mission and Organizational Values.
  2. Eligible and available to participate on organizational councils and task forces as deemed appropriate for advancing organizational outcomes and results.
  3. Achieve Mission Directed results and outcomes in scope of responsibility.

Routine Monday through Friday 8:00-4:30 pm; some variation may be required as an exception due to 24/7 operations of services. Expected to take on-call duty and to be available and reachable by telephone after hours for providing any necessary medical decision-making related to situations that may arise and are unable to be deferred until regular office hours.

Responsibilities and Duties


Care & Quality Improvement
  1. Participates in developing, implementing and evaluating administrative and program policies and practices for clinical disciplines within the care system framework that impact the delivery of high quality care.
  2. Contributes to the design, development, implementation, and outcomes of the care system.
  3. Provides teaching and education to team members and other stakeholders as needed.
  4. Collaborates with care team members and leaders and facilitates the work needed to continuously improve care to the children we serve.
  5. Conducts care reviews and quality reviews as needed and coordinates with team members and physicians to promote continuous quality improvement.
  6. Serves on the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Council to provide medical expertise, advice, and assistance with care quality and quality improvement activities.
  7. Serves on the Infection Control Council to provide medical expertise, advice, and assistance with infection control and prevention policies, practices, and activities.
  8. Serves on other care-related groups and councils to promote organizational medical leadership and high quality care.


Physician and Other External Relations 
  1. Ensures physicians and NP/PA’s follow accepted standards of pediatric care as well as ChildServe clinical care policies and practices.
  2. Serve as a medical liaison with physicians, payers and other community partners.
  3. Builds positive relationships with physicians and other providers who refer children to ChildServe and ensure consistent and positive interactions with members of the medical community.
  4. Ensure consistent availability of physician as needed in the inpatient and other core services as needed.
  5. Represent ChildServe in the community, especially the medical community; to increase awareness and understanding of ChildServe’s capability and capacity to provide pediatric care.


Medical Care – Essential Functions for Physicians
  1. Oversees the medical care provided within the nursing facility license.
  2. Serves as a member of the inpatient admissions and discharge committee as needed; ensure the admissions policies and practices provides effective admission and discharge decisions.
  3. Available as needed Monday through Friday to facilitate admissions to the rehabilitation and long term care units; complete physician assessments the day of admission.
  4. Provides clinical services in outpatient department per specialty and program demands.
  5. Conduct outpatient clinic practice.
  6. Appropriately manages patient care after initiating a treatment plan. Monitors and adjusts as warranted.
  7. Performs appropriate medical procedures within scope of practice as defined by credentialing and privileging processes.
  8. Follows established policies, procedures, continuous quality improvement objectives, safety, environmental and/or infection control standards.
  9. Responds correctly to patient related emergencies.
  10. Keeps current with standards of care including mandatory education, completing CME requirements as required by federal and state regulations.
  11. Seeks consultation and advice by providing adequate information to consulting physicians and communicates requests effectively. Responds to such requests from the referral source in a courteous, professional and timely manner.
  12. Documents according to established guidelines to facilitate ongoing quality of care in a timely manner.
  13. Actively participates in clinical quality improvement initiatives.
  14. Supports appropriate billing for professional service through timely documentation and maintaining adequate knowledge of billing policies and procedures.
  15. Demonstrates open, honest communication and behavior.
  16. Maintains patient confidentiality and abides by all federal and state regulations.
  17. Demonstrates responsibility for individual performance and efficient utilization of practice resources.
  18. Maintains appropriate aseptic technique for procedures and medication administration.
  19. Performs clinical practice in adherence to evidence based practice and research.
  20. Maintain an unrestricted license to practice medicine in Iowa.
  21. Become and remain an active member in good standing on Mercy’s Medical Staff and Blank Children’s Hospital Staff with appropriate clinical privileges.
  22. Maintain participating provider status with Medicaid programs and not excluded from participation in any federally-funded health care program.
  23. Maintain an unrestricted federal and state DEA number.


Qualifications and Skills
  1. Eligible to obtain a license to practice medicine in the State of Iowa
  2. Board eligible/certified in internal medicine and pediatrics
  3. Three or more years’ experience in treating children; preferred experience in treating children with special health care needs. (residency and fellowship experience considered)
  4. Experience in program development and/or working collaboratively to advance the field of pediatric medicine and community practice.
  5. Maintain current knowledge of specialty developments and promote optimal health and development for children with special health care needs. 
  6. Maintain current knowledge of medical community resources that are available to help children with special needs and their families.
  7. Demonstrate effective and consistent ability for conflict resolution, positive communication approaches, and sense of building up teams when interacting with others.
  8. Collaborate effectively and consistently with clinical care leaders to systematically improve the delivery of medical and clinical care.
  9. Specific Skills or Knowledge
    • Leadership skills – Planning, decision making, meeting management.
    • Technology skills – ability to effectively use an electronic health record.
    • People skills – group and one-on-one influential skills, confidentially.
    • Ability to function in stressful situations.
    • Skill in holding people accountable and developing their abilities to do great work.
    • Ability to set priorities, analyze and resolve problems, make decisions in a timely manner.
    • Respectful of others thoughts and expertise; ability to listen to others.
    • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with leaders, governance,  children and families, peers, subordinates, outside organizations, regulatory bodies, and the general public.


    ChildServe improves the health and well-being of nearly 5,800 children each year through specialized clinical, home, and community-based programs and services. We serve children with developmental delays, disabilities, injuries, and other special healthcare needs.

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