Meet Laura

Certified & Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist at ChildServe 

For ChildServe team member Laura Freeman, undergoing an amputation at a young age shaped her life – and her career path – in a major way.

“When I was 13, I was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare bone cancer,” said Laura. “I underwent several surgeries to remove the cancer and try to save my leg, but ultimately my lower leg had to be removed. Customized braces, called orthotics, and artificial body parts, called prosthetics, have been a big part of my life ever since.”

Today, as a Certified and Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist at ChildServe, Laura uses this personal experience to make a difference for the children and families she serves.

“I was inspired to work with orthotics and prosthetics after working with my prosthetist, who was an amputee herself,” said Laura. “She was able to understand me on many levels and help me unlike others could. She inspired me to help others how she helped me.”

ChildServe Prosthetics and Orthotics experts like Laura create custom orthoses, or braces, to help children with a variety of conditions maximize mobility and independence, as well as helping individuals with a limb difference or limb loss.

The team designs, creates and fits prosthetics and orthotics in ChildServe’s adaptive workshop to customize orthotics as unique as the child who needs them. While the workshop bears a striking resemblance to Santa’s workshop, the items produced at ChildServe are so much more than toys.

“The workshop is where we modify and adjust orthotic and prosthetic items to prepare them for the individuals we work with,” said Laura. “There are several machines that help us trim and mold the orthotics and prosthetics fit well so they are custom fit for each child and do not cause irritation. By making sure the everything we create fits well at delivery and continues to fit well after adjustments, we help children live their best lives!”

Laura creates a prosthesis at ChildServe – Johnston.


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