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ChildServe’s Family Advisory Council is made up of parents whose children receive services at ChildServe. Their insight into raising a child with special healthcare needs is an incredible resource, and plays an important role in enabling ChildServe to help more families move Forward Together.

We recently asked these parent-experts the following question:

“What resource have you found over the years that turned out to be a game-changer for your family?”

Check out their responses below to brainstorm what might help your family live a great life!

“For me, it was connecting with other moms who had special needs children and joining a support group. I met those moms originally at an autism conference in Des Moines.”

“The support of the AEA, teachers, and therapists all working together. When they are connected and communicating, it makes a huge difference.”

“Moving our daughter to ChildServe gave our family additional help and care for everyone involved. Therapists at ChildServe not only work with the child, but the parents are cared for as well. Huge bonds are created between all parties involved that last the duration of your child’s life.”

“A case manager who walked our family through everything when learning about and applying for the waiver.”

“The therapists who explained what our child needed that we wouldn’t have known about on our own. Things like Botox, communication equipment, and other services or equipment available. The gait trainer is one of our child’s favorites – it gives her independence and builds strength.”

“A family support group on Facebook pertaining to my daughter’s condition. With such a rare syndrome, the parents often know more than the medical professionals!”

“When I first met Dr. Wahlig and found out about ChildServe, that was a game changer for us! I was pregnant and we had recently received my son Aedyn’s diagnosis prenatally.”

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