Prairie Meadows Donates $500,000 to ChildServe

Legacy Grant will help fund ChildServe’s $10 Million Forward Together Campaign

ChildServe’s Forward Together Campaign received a major boost with a recent Legacy Grant for $500,000 from Prairie Meadows. The gift is the largest ever from Prairie Meadows to ChildServe.

Prairie Meadows is a nonprofit business dedicated to lessening the burden of government by promoting economic development, jobs, agriculture, and tourism in the state of Iowa.

“We’re incredibly grateful for Prairie Meadows’ generous partnership,” says Teri Wahlig, MD, ChildServe CEO. “ChildServe isn’t just expanding services, we’re changing the landscape of specialty healthcare to provide a better life for children and families in Iowa.”

Prairie Meadows’ $500,000 Legacy Grant will help ChildServe accomplish the Forward Together campaign priorities:

  • Create a new state-of-the-art inpatient rehabilitation medicine unit, the only pediatric facility of its kind in Iowa. Its areas of specialization include pediatric brain injury, multi-trauma, orthopedic, spinal cord and burn and wound care.
  • Start up a pediatric behavioral health and autism clinic that will greatly expand the capacity for ChildServe to better serve children with dual diagnoses of developmental delays or disabilities, plus mental health needs. 
  • Provide specialized 24/7 nursing care for the growing population of individuals who previously would have “aged out” of ChildServe into an adult system with few, if any, appropriate placement options for their level of medical complexity.

“We are very proud to have chosen ChildServe and the Forward Together Campaign as one of our 2019 grant recipients,” says Gary Palmer, President & CEO of Prairie Meadows. “We began our Legacy Grant program in 2003. Our Legacy Grants provide funding in the range of $100,000 to $1 million for large-scale, signature projects.

With support from the Prairie Meadows Legacy Grant, ChildServe’s Forward Together Campaign has now raised over $6.9 Million.

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About Prairie Meadows

Prairie Meadows began operations as a nonprofit organization in 1989, with the goal of promoting economic development, jobs, agriculture, and tourism in the state of Iowa. Through taxes, grants, and charitable donations, Prairie Meadows has given more than $1.8 billion to the state of Iowa. Prairie Meadows offers more than 1,700 slot machines, table games, live and simulcast racing, hotel accommodations, entertainment, and more.

About ChildServe

ChildServe knows kids and we know specialty healthcare. When parents have questions about their child’s health and development, we’re here with answers and support for the whole family– so we can all move Forward Together. Our team of experts helps identify and meet the unique needs of children with developmental delays, disabilities, injuries, and other special healthcare needs to help them live a great life.

For over 90 years, ChildServe has partnered with families to provide much-needed healthcare services and support for children and teens from birth to age 21. We currently offer more than 30 services, including pediatric rehabilitation, physical, occupational and speech therapy, long-term care, behavioral health and autism, and more to meet the needs of more than 4,500 children across the state each year.


ChildServe improves the health and well-being of nearly 5,800 children each year through specialized clinical, home, and community-based programs and services. We serve children with developmental delays, disabilities, injuries, and other special healthcare needs.

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