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ChildServe presented Senator Chuck Grassley with the prestigious “Spirit of ChildServe” award in recognition of his advocacy for children with special healthcare needs. The recognition took place at ChildServe in Johnston on Friday, August 16.

Senator Grassley is chair of the Finance Committee, current President pro tempore of the Senate, which makes him 3rd in line for the presidency, and he has become one of the primary advocates for children’s issues. In April 2019, the Advancing Care for Exceptional (ACE) Kids Act, sponsored by Senator Grassley, was signed into law.

The ACE Kids Act will reduce the burden on families and caregivers by improving the coordination of medical care for children with complex medical needs. Better coordination of care will reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations and reduce health care expenditures.

“It’s clear Senator Grassley shares the ChildServe promise of believing in the spirit of a child,” says Teri Wahlig, MD, ChildServe CEO. “We are especially grateful for his championing of the ACE Kids Act, which will improve care for the most medically complex children in the nation, including those we serve right here in Iowa.”

“Creating life-changing legislation doesn’t just come from the work of senators,” says Senator Grassley. “It comes from individuals and communities who care about issues and work together to make a difference. I’m honored to have worked with many wonderful people who shared their stories and committed their time to help make a positive difference for kids with complex medical needs.”

Previous recipients include Senator Harkin, Sayeed B. Hussain, M.D., Peggy Fisher and Larry Stelter, Barb and John Trier, Teri Wahlig, M.D., Jack Wahlig, Leon Shearer, and Lloyd and Vicki VanderKwaak.

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For over 90 years, ChildServe has partnered with families to provide much-needed healthcare

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