Summer at ChildServe's Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program

At ChildServe’s Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program, no two days are the same – especially when school is out and the sun is shining! Summer houses some of our favorite great life memories with the kids and young adults we serve. There are many myths and stigmas related to 24/7 care programs and facilities. What those myths and stigmas fail to describe is the spirit of a child, and it’s that very spirit, magic and hope that sets ChildServe’s Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program apart. 

It’s the impromptu dance parties in the hallways, kickball tournaments in the parking lot, water balloon fights, talent shows, proms, graduations and so many moments like these that make ChildServe’s Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program much more than a myth. Here is a glimpse at a few of the great life moments that happen during the summer at ChildServe.

School’s Out for Summer!

At the beginning of June, kids and teens like to kick back and relax to celebrate the start of summer vacation! Our Therapeutic Recreation team always has a blast planning the annual School’s Out Party for all kids and young adults in ChildServe‘s Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program. Individuals enjoy summer staples like water balloon fights, bubbles, chalk, playing fetch with our facility dog, Caribou, and lounging on our water blob!


ChildServe team members are always coming up with new ways to stay cool in the summer. Team members working in our Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program love to celebrate the first day of summer with “beach week.” As part of “beach week” staff participate in fun dress-up days and organize a water day in the Healing Garden, Water day will sometimes feature a dunk bucket courtesy of ChildServe’s nursing team. The Kids and young adults we serve are always grinning ear to ear as they cool down with some water fun and dunk their favorite ChildServe team members!

Out and About!

From trips to the racetrack, local ice cream shops, the Polk County Fair and more, summer is the perfect time to explore the community and experience new activities and favorite traditions. Our team helps the kids, teens and young adults in our care find opportunities to participate in the activities that matter most to them.  

Fun Staff Celebrations

Happy Birthday Rehab Unit!

In July 2023, team members celebrated one year since we opened our new Inpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation unit. The celebration included the most competitive rock-paper-scissors contest ChildServe has ever seen! The rehab gym erupted with cheers as team members battled it out, and of course, ChildServe CEO, Dr. Teri Wahlig, had to join in on the fun!

Celebrating Our CNA’s During National Certified Nurse Assistant Week!

Every chance we get, we love to shine a light on the incredible team members who make ChildServe’s Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program so impactful for the kids and families we serve. During the summer we celebrate National Certified Nurse Assistant Week, which calls for a big round of applause for all of our ChildServe CNAs! We’re grateful for ChildServe‘s team of mission-driven CNAs who bring so much joy and support to the kids and families we serve every day.

ChildServe’s Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program is all about creating an environment for kids and young adults to learn and grow. Our team is proud to provide opportunities for the kids we serve to create connections with their community while doing the activities they love and trying out new experiences. 

The spirit of a child goes far beyond any myth or stigma about 24/7 care programs and facilities. At ChildServe, we’re proud to provide care to individuals centered around hope and love. We’re grateful to the team members and volunteers who make a difference in the lives of many in our Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program each and every day. 

As a team member in ChildServe’s Inpatient Complex Medical Care Program, you can help create great life moments just like these! We have a variety of shifts and opportunities available for nurses and therapists. If you love working with kids and young adults and are passionate about helping individuals with special healthcare needs create a life they love, we invite you to learn more and apply today!


ChildServe improves the health and well-being of nearly 5,800 children each year through specialized clinical, home, and community-based programs and services. We serve children with developmental delays, disabilities, injuries, and other special healthcare needs.

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