Tezirian’s Story

When Tezirian was born with spina bifida, two clubfeet and deformities in his skull, his family was unsure what his future would hold. Two months later, they found a dedicated team of experts at ChildServe to support his journey. Tezirian began an array of services at ChildServe, including orthotics, and physical, speech, feeding and occupational therapies.

Tezirian first began his orthotics journey as an infant. The Orthotics team created a custom helmet to correct deformities in his skull and developed orthoses for his feet, ankles and knees as he grew older. These braces were specifically designed to help avoid tightening in his muscles and joints as he grew and helped him work toward holding his own weight.

“I have worked with Tezirian and his family since he was just 10 months old,” said Orthotist Laura Freeman. “One of my favorite memories with him was when he tried on his Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses for the first time and was able to stand in his rolling stander. He was so happy to be moving around and his mom was so proud. After struggling to get a good fit and stand successfully, this was a huge milestone!”

The Orthotics team partners closely with Tezirian’s other care team members to maximize his success. Orthotists typically see children every few months to once a year depending on which braces they need and how quickly they’re growing. Since Tezirian sees multiple experts at ChildServe, the team connects frequently to ensure all his services are working together cohesively.

“In Orthotics, we see children when they are evaluated and when they come in for adjustments, while therapists and nurses see them more regularly and are more familiar with their abilities, challenges and goals,” said Laura. “Collaborating with other experts in the building is incredibly beneficial and helps me ensure I am making the best orthotics possible.”

“I learn something new from the Orthotics team every time I see them,” said Tezirian’s mom, Tamara. “They meet Tezirian where he is and are always on the same page as his other care providers at ChildServe. I can tell the Orthotics team really loves what they do and cares about Tezirian and his treatment.”

Over the last few years, ChildServe‘s Orthotics program has made a significant impact for Tezirian in meeting his goals and giving his family hope and confidence that he can live a life filled with activities he loves.

“Everything has changed since Tezirian started services at ChildServe,” said Tamara. “When I was pregnant with him, the doctors weren’t sure what his quality of life would be, but today he is doing great. He inspires me every day by never giving up and showing love no matter what. The hard work from Tezirian and his team at ChildServe has helped him to be mobile and have more freedom to just be a kid.”


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