William’s Journey

With the help of his family and therapy team, William has worked hard and conquered his therapy goals. To show their appreciation, William’s family nominated his therapists for a Greatful Families award.

Guy concentrating on pushing buttons that light up to test reflexes.
When William’s parents sought help for the developmental delays he was experiencing as an infant, they never anticipated the journey they’d begun. After genetic testing, William received the diagnosis of a very rare genetic disorder called SLC6A1. With less than 100 cases known worldwide, the road forward was uncertain.
William and his family were referred to ChildServe when he was nine months old to begin physical, occupational and speech therapies. There was no roadmap, but with the help of his family and therapy team, William worked hard and conquered his therapy goals.
William, now four years old, did so well that he was able to graduate from physical therapy after a year. He continues to see his speech therapist, Leah Reeve-Mendoza, and his occupational therapist, Melissa Ghormley, regularly.
“William started occupational therapy with a goal of putting items in a bucket and is now able to button his shirt, assemble puzzles and write his name,” said William’s mom, Whitney. “Melissa has been with William since his first birthday, and he has truly grown up with her as part of his life! The bond they have formed throughout the years is so sweet.
“Speech has been the most difficult of William’s delays, both for him and us. Leah started seeing William after he had been receiving services for a few months and has been by his side ever since. He now has an ability to clearly communicate his needs, wants and feelings, which has provided an incredible level of comfort to both William and us. Leah has truly given Will the gift of words, and for that, we are so grateful.”
The partnership meant so much to William’s family they nominated Leah and Melissa for a Greatful Families award to celebrate their work. The Greatful Families program allows family and friends to recognize ChildServe team members for the way they care for kids. Families share their story about a team member who helped a child they love overcome a challenge, believe in themselves a little more or live a great life in a big or small way. By making a donation of any amount in honor of the team member(s) and sharing their story, families spread joy throughout ChildServe and help us provide outstanding care to even more children.
“Leah and Melissa have given William the gift of a better life through their hard work, intellect and expertise,” said Whitney. “We will forever be grateful for them, and we truly don’t have the words to express our sincere gratitude.”
Looking for a special way to say “Thank You” to an employee or volunteer who went above and beyond your expectations? Learn more about the Greatful Families program.


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