Small, But Mighty  |  Ruby’s Story

Like all parents expecting their first child, Kim and Brett dreamt of welcoming their newborn daughter to the world and bringing her home to enjoy the busy, but unforgettable first months of parenthood. Over 18 months later, they’re still waiting.

Ruby was born early at 25 weeks, weighing just 1 pound, 6 ounces. Like many babies born prematurely, Ruby’s road home was suddenly more complicated.

Ruby fought her way through two heart procedures, pneumonia, eye surgery and many complications with her lungs. Despite these challenges, Ruby quickly proved that though she is small, she is mighty.

“With all that Ruby’s been through, she amazes us with her happy attitude, smiles and toughness,” said Brett.

After being discharged from the hospital, Ruby’s family was referred to Jojo’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit at ChildServe. The new unit turned out to be the perfect fit, as Ruby requires nursing care throughout the day. She relies on special technology and medical equipment, like a ventilator and tracheostomy to help her breathe and a g-tube implanted in her stomach to help her get all of the nutrition she needs. She receives intensive rehabilitation and nursing support to gain physical strength, develop her lungs and increase her ability to eat independently. 


While Ruby’s journey home is still ongoing, her family is grateful to have a place like Jojo’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit where she can continue to grow while they wait to access homecare nursing. 

“Ruby’s ChildServe team always has such a positive and encouraging attitude,” said Kim. “They have done a great job caring for Ruby, helping her grow stronger and develop, and training and empowering us as her primary caregivers.

Everyone on the unit cheers each other on; it’s like another family. Ruby’s time at ChildServe will help set her up for success, better than anywhere else, at this stage in her life.”


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