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The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem) Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. The DAISY Foundation was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes after he died from complications of the auto-immune disease ITP in 1999. During his hospitalization, they deeply appreciated the care and compassion shown to Patrick and his entire family. When he died, they felt compelled to say “thank you” to nurses in a very public way. Please say thank you by sharing your story of how a nurse made a difference you will never forget!

DAISY Individual Award

The DAISY Individual Award is designed to honor nurses who go above and beyond to provide exceptional clinical and compassionate care.

DAISY Team Award

The DAISY Team Award is designed to honor collaboration by two or more people, led by a nurse, who identify and meet patient and patient family needs by going above and beyond the traditional role of nursing. The team must be lead by a nurse who provides direct care.

DAISY Nurse Leader Award

The DAISY Nurse Leader Award is designed to give staff, patients and families a way to express their gratitude for the compassionate environment nurse leaders provide.

Daisy Award Nomination Form

To nominate a nurse for a DAISY Award, click the button below to fill out a nomination form.

White daisy flowers laying on a table for the DIASY Award celebration.

DAISY Award 2023

Meet the amazing ChildServe nurses who earned the prestigious DAISY award for going above and beyond in the care they provide.

2022 DAISY Award Winners

Meet the amazing ChildServe nurses who earned the prestigious DAISY award for going above and beyond in the care they provide.

Erin’s Story

When it comes to caring for kids with special healthcare needs, Erin goes above and beyond to make each day unique.

Stephanie’s Story

“Stephanie has gone above and beyond for families and multiple teams at ChildServe. I often think of this quote when I think of Stephanie, ‘If you are going to help, help with a happy heart.'”

Megan’s Story

Megan Nikolish leads her team every day with a patient, understanding, and above all, kind heart.

Ginny, a nurse a ChildServe.

Virginia’s Story

For Virginia Smith, RN, nursing has been a part of her life from the moment she was born.


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