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The ChildServe Champions award recognizes our most devoted supporters for advancing the mission through generosity, service and inspiring others to action. We recently named the ChildServe Champions for 2020: Prairie Meadows and Jill Lundberg and her husband, the late John Lundberg. Get to know these incredible donors below!

Prairie Meadows:

Since 1997, Prairie Meadows has built an exceptional relationship with ChildServe. Their generosity was an integral part of a remarkable period of growth in which the number of children being served at ChildServe has soared from less than 100 when our partnership began to 4,600 today.

Investments from Prairie Meadows’ Community Betterment and Legacy giving programs have helped ChildServe expand programs and services and purchase state-of-the-art therapy equipment to improve the health and development of children with special needs. Highlights of their support include:

  • Major support of ChildServe campaigns in 2003, 2007, 2012, and 2019 has brought Prairie Meadows’ cumulative giving to over $1.2 million, ranking them in among our top ten cumulative donors.
  • In ChildServe’s recently completed Forward Together campaign, Prairie Meadows’ $500,000 gift was the largest in their giving history to ChildServe, and will go to support a new state-of-the-art pediatric rehabilitation unit.

 Jill & John Lundberg

When their granddaughter Jordyn was born with special healthcare needs, Jill and John Lundberg committed themselves to helping her live a great life.  After seeing the high-quality care Jordyn received at ChildServe, the couple generously began to use their time and talents to support fundraising efforts. Jordyn, now 21 years old, has received care from multiple programs, and currently lives in the long-term care unit.

Along with John’s service on the Board of Trustees for three years, the couple has made an impact in the following ways:

  • Inspired by Jordyn’s love of nature, Jill and John were catalysts in transforming a little-used concrete courtyard at ChildServe into a beautiful healing garden. In just a few months, a committee spearheaded by the couple surpassed its $350,000 fundraising goal.
  • The couple was deeply involved in ChildServe’s recent $10 million fundraising campaign, where they championed the effort to extend care for medically complex young adults like Jordyn, who previously would have “aged out” of the long-term care program.
  • After John passed away in September 2019, ChildServe received over $15,500 in memorial contributions from 122 donors to honor his life.


ChildServe improves the health and well-being of nearly 5,800 children each year through specialized clinical, home, and community-based programs and services. We serve children with developmental delays, disabilities, injuries, and other special healthcare needs.

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