07/25/18 – Transitions: Guardianship

When children turn 18, they become legal adults with the right to make their own decisions. However, if an individual lacks the ability to make decisions, then someone else may need to make their decisions.

08/22/18 – IEP Transition Goals

IEP Transition Goals   Date: August 22, 2018   Time: 4 – 5 p.m.   Fees: FREE Description A representative from Ask Resources will provide a presentation on IEP (Individualized Education Plan) goals as they relate to transitioning out of high...
Autism Acceptance: Tackling the Grocery Store

Autism Acceptance: Tackling the Grocery Store

In ChildServe’s Autism Program, we get to hear about life’s ups and downs from the families we serve. One thing that comes up often is the dreaded trip to the grocery store. For many families, a quick trip to the store is part of a weekly routine.  For parents of kids with autism, it can feel overwhelming and full of challenges. Read our a list of tips to help parents of kids with autism face trips to the grocery store (or any public place) more confidently.